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Tuesday, September 25

Barn in Sight

Guess I should have one of those stickers that reads
I brake for barns
cause I do
slam on my brakes and jump out
with camera in hand...  Oh my
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Kathy said...

I know the feeling. My braking is usually followed by a U-turn! This one was worth any extra effort that was required!

Tanya said...

whoa, that's gorgeous! love those purple flowers in the foreground!

Beth Edwards said...

you are brave... since i started barn charm photo taking ...i've never been brave enough to get out of the car. i need to try that asap. me so shy. i usually stop for a bit or two or the hubby is driving so i just take a snap or two. always ready to enjoy the view. fun. (:

Mel said...

LOL I know the syndrome and think we should go into the bumper sticker business!

And this one was well worth the brake pads. LOL What a beauty and what an amazingly well kept area around the barn. Freshly mowed no less, with pretty flowers!

TexWisGirl said...

a beauty of a barn.

Rose said...

This is a real beauty...love the entire setting. It would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

Anonymous said...

That would definitely make a good sticker, bumper or window.
BEAUTIFUL barn & flowers! WoW!

Thanks for joining this week's Barn Charmiversary! =)

sue said...

Love your Blog - such beautiful vibrant photos :-)

Mari said...

I need the same bumper sticker!
Love, love, love this barn! The color, the shape, that door and the flowers in front make it perfect!

Liz said...

I do the same!! :)

Nell at njschout said...

I always promise myself that I'll come back to take a shot of that barn... and that one.....