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Tuesday, April 24

Down on the Farm

A once was farm ~
Sadly so many have gone to seed
Even their cool rides
now sit idle

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Mari said...

Beautiful shots! I love the peak on that barn and the truck is a perfect addition!

Tanya said...

super and i really, really love that truck and the effects you used!

Beth said...

love the coloring here. so fun. great old truck. (:

Hilary said...

Fun effect for that lovely old truck.

Mel said...

Awwwwwww......what a familiar feel to both of these. It's a bit like wandering the backroads and having a rest and a 'welcome home'.

I love 'em both--and I'm all about trespassing to have a wander about. Happily, no one ever seems to mind me doing that with just a camera in hand.

Kathy said...

This is a cool one indeed. I love it that you too love HDR!

Amy Burzese said...


A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful shots!! Are they HDR.

TexWisGirl said...

those are beautiful, laura. glad you linked in to barn charm. :)

helen said...

Great images of what looks like a beautiful place.

Carletta said...

LOVE these images!
Your post processing is beautifully done and adds to the charm of both of these!
An overall lovely blog. I enjoyed scrolling down the page.

Rose said...

I wish that ride were my very own!

Kaya said...

Ohh, Laura everything is so great. Where did you find this old farm and old truck. They are priceless. This is history!

Love these two exceptional pictures! They are unique!!!

Hugs from Kaya.

Stephanie said...

Great shots of the barn and the truck. Nice coloring and great editing on both. I just realized the other day, looking over your whole blog that you make teddy bears. They are beautifully made. I once collected them, I have no more room for them now. Do you sell yours?

orvokki said...

Fantastic farm-life. But maybe not in these-days-style any more.
I love these images.

Jane said...

All your photos give me a "cool ride".
Love the truck and the pink #1 photo.
Now you make me want to search for more trucks!

Gillian Olson said...

These are beautiful shots.

Carole said...

Love your barn shot. Very artsy. Right up my alley. lol

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