I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, August 31

Farewell August

Setting sun
shrouded by clouds
Oregon Coast

Wednesday, August 30


For those devastated by Harvey
in Texas and now Louisiana
my thoughts and prayers go out to you
Please stay safe

Tuesday, August 29

Stillness in Rain

Calm seas and gentle rain
along the Oregon Coast

Monday, August 28

Sunday, August 27


In the land
where time sleeps
where peace is learned
where hope is born

Saturday, August 26

Dramatic Stance

Even now
with life left behind
this tree speaks

Friday, August 25

Happiness Under Cover

Spreading happiness
and sunshine

Thursday, August 24

Long Ago

I'd pick wildflowers
for my mom
who displayed them
in her fanciest vase
as though they were
I miss you , Mom

Wednesday, August 23

A Twinkling of Star Dust

With just a pinch
of pixie dust

Tuesday, August 22

Early Morning Paddle About

The cool quiet of predawn
a day waiting to be
Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens

Monday, August 21

Midnight Blue

The Hydrangea
a perfect puff
of perfection

Sunday, August 20

Flying Free

 My mind soars
as my heart sings
I fly along

Saturday, August 19

On the Edge

Its roots clinging to
a tiny patch of soil
on a dwindling cliff 
that time is eroding away

Friday, August 18

Garden Charmers

Late summer beauties
abloom until
that first touch of frost

Thursday, August 17

Moody Weather

Low clouds
and a breathless calm
Along the Columbia River

Wednesday, August 16

Harvest Time

Our plum trees are heavy
and nearly ready to harvest

Tuesday, August 15

Seeing Coolness

Pale green leaves
has the mind envisioning
on these warm August days

Monday, August 14

Peaceful Passage

Paths of green
dotted with color
gives respite
to mind and soul

Sunday, August 13

Across the Lake

Gazing at untamed land
the mind quiets
and dreams wander
to that place of peacefulness
across the lake

Saturday, August 12

Friday, August 11

Dangling Darlings

Happy Weekend
Share Some Love

Thursday, August 10

Wednesday, August 9

The Breath of Dawn

The sun was soon to rise
as a new day dawned
at Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens

Tuesday, August 8

How High is the Sky

And why is it so blue
And why
can we not all just
get along

Monday, August 7

Morning Light

Wildflowers and downed trees
on Johnston Ridge
across from Mt St Helens
with Pumice Plains below

Sunday, August 6

Gently Swaying

In the warm
summer breeze

Saturday, August 5

The Healing Earth

On a ridge
across from Mt St Helens
life slowly returns

Friday, August 4

Sweet Peas in the Wild

They adorn fields
and the forest's edge
They adore the sunshine

Thursday, August 3

Far From the Land of Man

The forest transports mind and soul
to a world far away
from all that is
of daily day

Wednesday, August 2


Morning fog
peaceful bliss

Tuesday, August 1

Taking Flight

Full of light
Light as air