I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, January 31

Water Dance

Dancing over rocks
rushing out to sea
rivers of life
mesmerize me

Monday, January 30

Blue Velvet

A gentle velvety blue
yesterday afternoon

Sunday, January 29

Along a Quiet Beach

In Winter
the beaches are still
As waves echo on
untrodden sand

Saturday, January 28

A Puffy Fluff of Snow

Out on a limb
it sits
for one small
moment in time

Friday, January 27

Wishing the Day Adieu

The sky melded
with the sea
as we bid farewell
to a lovely day

Thursday, January 26

Green Peace

Where Wood Sprites
hide and go seek

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Wednesday, January 25

Down the Road to Far Away

The sun was slowly breaking through
the heavy clouds of rain
Oregon Coastal Rainforest
one of the loveliest
places I know

Tuesday, January 24

Windswept Dreams

Where soft salty breezes
sweep away
the day

Monday, January 23

Surreal Sunset

Winter sunsets
over the Pacific
can be simply

Sunday, January 22

After the Storm

Storm clouds slowly break
letting a little light shine through
along the Columbia River

Saturday, January 21

Think Spring

In the drab monotone
gray of winter
I color my dreams
with Spring

Friday, January 20

A Hush

I could hear the hush
of evening past
atop a hill
in quiet repose

Thursday, January 19


Stretching in every direction
showing off
its inner beauty

Wednesday, January 18

Tuesday, January 17

Snow So White

It glistens and glows
it's been lovely to see
but snow
it's time you go

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Monday, January 16

Winter Walking

A beautiful
but chilling walk
17 degrees this morning
at the frozen wetlands

Sunday, January 15

Sea Misty

Moody Misty
Ocean Breezes

Saturday, January 14

The Waves of Serenity

Watching gentle waves
listening to their quiet sounds
washes away
the every day

Friday, January 13

Sand Sculpture

As the tide ebbed
it left beautiful designs
in the sand
I added a splash of color
just for fun

Thursday, January 12

Hazy Lazy

Perfect weather
to hang out with
a few good friends

Wednesday, January 11

Dreams of Yesterday

Dreaming of
warmer tomorrows

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Tuesday, January 10

Calm Before the Storm

A hush fell over the ocean
as a storm slowly rolled in
Oregon Coast

Monday, January 9

Along the Way

This disheveled stand of
White Birch
called out to me as it
shimmered in the glow
of afternoon light

Sunday, January 8

Of Peace Of Love Of Tomorrow

I'm a dreamer
of dreams
of a reality of what
we can be

Saturday, January 7

A Break in the Clouds

Ever changing
stealing the light
or letting a wee bit break through
at the Oregon Coast

Friday, January 6

Coastal Rainforest

A land of enchantment
where the mind can
wander and wonder

Thursday, January 5

Wednesday, January 4

Aglow in Afternoon Light

A heavy afternoon mist
rolled up from the valley floor
far below
obscuring Mt St Helens

Tuesday, January 3

Winter Green

We are surrounded by rainforests
of varying degrees
In winter moss grows

Monday, January 2

Into the Future

The journey
full of wonder
full of hope

Sunday, January 1

Looking Ahead

A new year lies ahead
to live
to be
at our best