I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, March 31

Patience is . .

It's been raining buckets
with just glimpses of blue to entice
But patience is a virtue
this persistent rain will only 
make for a more glorious Spring
. . When it decides to finally
truly gets here

Friday, March 30

Budding Beauties

Have a happy weekend my friends !

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Thursday, March 29


Soon, majestic tree
adorned with leaves
 you will be

Wednesday, March 28

So Many Raindrops

Showers will bring the flowers ~

Tuesday, March 27

Seeing Green

I love the color
green ~
I hope your week is going well
Rain is in the forecast for the rest of our week
but then it was also in today's
and we had blue skies and puffy white clouds
with not a drop of rain
~ and for soggy Washington State
that's always a welcome treat !

Monday, March 26

It's a Daffodil World

They're everywhere
being sunshiny
It's starting to look a lot
like Spring
Doing the happy dance !

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Sunday, March 25

Saturday, March 24

What a Difference a Day Makes

We enjoyed the glorious sunshine
As rain is expected for the next several days
But that's why I love
the Pacific Northwest ~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend !
Mt St Helens
from the wetlands below

Friday, March 23

The Perfect Duration

The snow stayed for just a short while
but while it was here
it was beautiful ~

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Thursday, March 22

Snow Covered Spring

It's snowing !
It's not supposed to be
Somebody . . . make it stop !

Wednesday, March 21

Sunshine On a Rainy Day

It's been raining
and raining . . .  So
I had to play inside ~

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Tuesday, March 20

Raindrops ~

So many raindrops
falling from the skies ~

Monday, March 19


The constant rush of sound
always brings me
inner peace ~
Hope your week
will be superb

Sunday, March 18

Saturday, March 17


  . . And Spring is suddenly
 . . everywhere  
I hope you have a beautiful weekend !

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Friday, March 16

Beauty With Age

Wrinkles can only make us
more beautiful

Thursday, March 15

Sunshine On My Shoulders

I cherish these clear winter days
A rarity in the Pacific Northwest
Where it rains most every day

Making sunny days
very special ~

Wednesday, March 14

Happy Trails

Found a new trail
After 25 years of living here
And it's   
just around the corner

Tuesday, March 13

Forest Steps

I love the sense
of wonder

Monday, March 12

Just Walking in the Rain

The air was heavy
with the remnants
of freshly fallen rain
Pure magic ~

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Sunday, March 11

Saturday, March 10

Weary Hikers Welcome

Old overnight shelter 
for hikers
who like to rough it
It has four bunks
and not much else
Thanks so much
for stopping by !

Friday, March 9


I love to be
immersed in trees ~

Hope you have
a wonderful weekend

Thursday, March 8

At the Wetlands With My Birthday Gift

Played with my new Canon 10-22mm lens
 I'm in love with it . . the clarity is exceptional
Thank you wonderful hubby !
This is a 3 shot HDR hand-held

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Wednesday, March 7

Hug a Tree

Better yet . . .
Let a tree
hug you

Tuesday, March 6

It's Coming

The sands of time
Will soon bring Spring ~

Monday, March 5

My Dreams Did See

I fell asleep under a tree
next to a lake
where my dreams did see . . .
Pixies dusting in hues
with twirls and swirls
of purples and blues

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Sunday, March 4


It'll soon be clean-up time at the nearby state park. And there's lots to do.
High winds took down quite a few trees this winter.
These two trees fell across the path. I had to scamper over or around many such obstacles.
It was worth the scampering ~

Saturday, March 3

Leaves Falling

Completing their cycle of life ~

Hope you have
a beautiful weekend ! 

Friday, March 2

Hidden Beauty

These little treasures are so often in
 the most awkward of places ~

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Thursday, March 1

A Drop of Rain

A drop of rain
to green the forests
fill the rivers
nourish the earth

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