I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, November 30

A Little Sunshine ~

On a rainy windy November day ~

Tuesday, November 29

Divine Reflections

Beauty is everywhere
in most everything
If we look
we will see ~

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Monday, November 28


Perpetually silently
slipping past
  its journey forever
may it last ~

Sunday, November 27

Saturday, November 26

Enchanted Forest

Hidden away
we came to peek
on shy little elves
playing hide and go seek.

Happy weekend !

Friday, November 25

Morning Has Broken

A hint of morning mist
welcomes the day.

Wednesday, November 23

Over the River and Through the Woods

Through blogging I've made so many wonderful friends
to share with... to learn from.
 And I am ever so grateful
so thankful
for each and every one of you !

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Tuesday, November 22

Lazy Afternoon

A wonderful place
to share with a good friend
 read an intriguing book
 or just to
  take a softly sweet nap ~

Monday, November 21

Sunday, November 20

Snow in the Mountains

Fresh fallen snow blanketed the mountains ~
A sight that makes my heart happy !

Saturday, November 19


Or wannabe
 garden art ~

Topaz Adjust 5 and Photoshop 9
for HDR effect.

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Friday, November 18

Coal Creek

Heavy rains have added
 drama and dimension to these small but gorgeous falls.
I took this pic yesterday ~
in some of that pouring rain ...
And loved every moment !

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Thursday, November 17

Afternoon Delights

Trestle for north-south main line 
crossing the Cowlitz River ~
Late afternoon
just before the sun sank into the west.

Wednesday, November 16

Foggy Fields

A frothy fog
  was forming fast.

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Tuesday, November 15

Take Me Home ~ Country Road

A storm is heading in ~
So fleeting are the beauties of autumn
I guess that's why
we cherish them so.

Monday, November 14


Oh how I love
the Oregon Coast !

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Sunday, November 13

Quietly Reflecting

I love playing with reflections !

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Saturday, November 12

Still Going

Tired and worn
Still going strong

Happy weekend ~ dear friends !

Friday, November 11


This beauty graced my presence at the wetlands today
I believe it's a red-tailed hawk.
I saw freedom in him
A freedom we all share
thanks to Veterans alive and not 
from many lands
of many wars
throughout all time.

Thursday, November 10

Landing Gears Down

We're usually all soggy and cold by now
Instead our weather has been gorgeous
Pinch me !

Wednesday, November 9

A Dreamy Fall Day

To experience
the beauties of nature.

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Tuesday, November 8

A Fence Full of Flowers

These cuties are still blooming away
but alas, not for long
Any day now we'll have our first frosty night and
good-bye Nasturtiums ~
See you next Spring !

Monday, November 7

Heading Home

I love when the ground
is littered with leaves.

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Sunday, November 6


May your Sunday be
  Simply beautiful !

Saturday, November 5

Coldwater Lake ~ Mt St Helens

Late afternoon 
 I was the only one at the lake ~
  it was magical !
This short boardwalk was built by the National Park Service.
Thank you National Park Service . .
I love this place !

Coldwater Lake was born from the eruption of Mt St Helens, in 1980.

Friday, November 4

March of the Mushrooms

These little guys looked so animated
I couldn't help contributing ~ a wee bit.
Happy Friday !

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Thursday, November 3

Freshly Fallen Snow

The Crater   
Mt St Helens
with a fresh new blanket of snow.

Wednesday, November 2

Blowin' in the Wind

These little curly-cues always intrigue me
especially when their pouffies take flight.

Tuesday, November 1