I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, June 30

Blooming Beauties

soft loveliness

Thursday, June 29

On a Country Road

Old barn overgrown
and nearly forgotten
in the Willapa Hills

Wednesday, June 28

Tuesday, June 27

Happiness is

bring lightness to all the day
lingering on
dusk til dawn

Monday, June 26

Free to Be

All the flower lovelies
growing free and wild

Sunday, June 25

Away From the Madding Crowd

Coldwater Lake
below Mt St Helens

Saturday, June 24


So often shrouded in clouds
Mt St Helens

Friday, June 23

Thursday, June 22

Heavenly Hostas

I love Hostas
with their many 
shades of green

Wednesday, June 21

Fading Light

Elusive last light
fading so quickly
into night

Tuesday, June 20

The Colors of Beauty

With our very wet Spring
flowers are blooming
in abundance

Monday, June 19

Daisy Daze

Daisies are happy flowers
their blooms simply
make us smile

Sunday, June 18

Peaceful Sunday

With the passing of time I find
I've become so much more appreciative
of quietude and peacefulness

Saturday, June 17

Roses of the Wild

Petite in pink
and too short lived
these wild roses grow
anywhere there's even the tiniest bit
of sunshine

Friday, June 16


in waiting

Thursday, June 15

Young and Old

Our old hotel chair
garden art I call it
adorned with young maple leaves

Wednesday, June 14

Pretty in Pink

The purity of softness
in a pink rose

Tuesday, June 13

Quiet Time

Warming their wings
in the late afternoon sun

Monday, June 12

Softness in the Wild

Wild Columbine
nature's more gentle touch

Sunday, June 11

A Simple Flower

Can bring happiness
and joy

Saturday, June 10

Wild Roses

On the edge of a pasture
of long ago
a rose bush unwavering grows

Friday, June 9


Such a heavenly scent
from such delicate flowers

Thursday, June 8

The Blooming Wetlands

The water's edge
is alive with color

Wednesday, June 7

River Walk

Wandering trails along the
Columbia River

Tuesday, June 6


Small shiny stones
pieces of twisted driftwood
and feathers
Whatever catches my eye
and fits in my pockets
comes home with me

Monday, June 5

May You Always Fly Free

May the wind be
at your back
and beneath your wing

Sunday, June 4

Fleeting Beauty

The Lovely Daylily
Here for one brief moment
in time

Saturday, June 3

Friday, June 2

Sunshine On My Shoulders

When the skies cleared
the gardens filled
with soft afternoon light

Thursday, June 1


Lovely in a shaggy sort of way
the wild rose