I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, August 31

Adieu Sweet August

 Where does the time go?
Have a happy and safe weekend..
my lovely friends.

Thursday, August 30

Fill'er Up

Sitting next to an old foundation
and nothing more..
Looked rather out of place.
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Wednesday, August 29

It's a Jungle Out There

Tarzan just swung by
Says he's in pursuit of
King Kong

Tuesday, August 28

Pastoral Pastures

Tucked in the foothills
down the road apiece
is this idyllic looking farm.
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Monday, August 27

Mountain Lakes

There's nothing like
a cold clear
 mountain lake

Sunday, August 26

Ballerinas Waiting in the Wings

Soon to be dancing
in the wind
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Saturday, August 25

Happy Flower

 Wishing you
a happy weekend!
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Friday, August 24

Shrouded in Clouds

Mt St Helens 
subtly looming
amongst clouds and haze

Thursday, August 23

Easy Pickin's

Birds are enjoying
late summer's bounty of berries
Like these wild cherries
They do look yummy.
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Wednesday, August 22


and love
..Is all we need

Tuesday, August 21

Afternoon Stroll

Just me
and the mosquitoes

Monday, August 20

Fun With Flowers

So much is in bloom right now
It's a small window 
of splendidly outrageous form and color
and opportunity
to shoot shoot shoot
..and I happily am!
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Saturday, August 18

Cool Blue

Hope you have
a beautiful weekend!

Friday, August 17

Toe to Toe With Water Lilies

It hit 99 yesterday.. Yikes!
We rarely have heat waves
so when we do..
We wilt.
 Move over, sweet water lilies
We're coming in!

Thursday, August 16

Under the Old Oak Tree

We're nearing triple digit heat
A good time to do
absolutely nothing

Wednesday, August 15


Summer's heat is in full bloom
as are these beautiful hardy roses

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Tuesday, August 14

I wonder

Could that little stick
be holding up that big barn . .
Maybe .

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Monday, August 13

Happiness is

. . the many shades of green

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Sunday, August 12

Saturday, August 11

Friday, August 10

Purely Pink

Happy Friday
my sweet friends

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Thursday, August 9

Wednesday, August 8

Pruned to Perfection

Japanese garden
at a local park
Beautifully maintained

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Tuesday, August 7

Landmarks and Cardboard Cows

Around here directions to and fro
often include a barn or two.
This barn comes complete with
cardboard cow
(napping by the barn in above pic)

and stump sculpture

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Monday, August 6

Made in the Shade

It's been hot and steamy
making for really lazy days

Sunday, August 5

A Tiny Trickle

on a hot summer's day

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Friday, August 3

True Blue

Just for you . .  
Happy Friday

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Thursday, August 2

Ready to Ripen

Coming soon . .
tons of plums

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Wednesday, August 1

Wandering Old Growth Trails

at Lewis and Clark
State Park

nature made