I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, December 31

Twilight Time

a new dawning
Happy New Year
May 2013 bring you
 and joy

Sunday, December 30

Remains of Yesterday

Gone are their colors
once so bold
  A gentle beauty
they still hold

Saturday, December 29

Communing With Nature

In awe 
of works Divine
Sharing with Top Shot

Friday, December 28


By gentle ocean breezes
and sometimes
hurricane force winds

Thursday, December 27

Wetlands in Winter

Dormant water plants
  and some elusive sunshine
Nature's Artistry
Sharing with This and That

Wednesday, December 26

Snow Covered Mt St Helens

The mountain glowed bright
in the rare sunlight
It was

Tuesday, December 25

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas My Dear Friends

May your Christmas
be filled with
goodness and light
Sharing with Christmas Cheer

Sunday, December 23


A transformed
I think winter
has arrived

Saturday, December 22

A Simple Pleasure

being one with nature

Friday, December 21

Harbor View

Winterizing the sails
Cathlamet, Washington

Thursday, December 20

Rugged Oregon Coast

The coast in winter
has magnificent
magical mystical
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Wednesday, December 19

Tuesday, December 18


A small farming community
that was
sits quiet now
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Monday, December 17

A Quiet Cove

Where the forest
meets the Sea

Sunday, December 16

Finding Solace

Abound with His glory
arms outstretched
the forest embraces

Saturday, December 15

Lower Columbia River

I looked out over this quiet peaceful river 
and wondered why
Why so much hatred and anger 
Why harm innocent children
My heart is heavy
with sadness.
Sharing with Weekend Reflections

Friday, December 14

In the Mist

There's a sense of mystery
in the winter mist
Of time standing still 
of foreverness
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Thursday, December 13

Raining in a Rain Forest

It's impossible to begrudge rain
when rain is the key ingrediant
in creating such lush green beauty.
Spending some time
along the Oregon Coast

Wednesday, December 12

Along the Oregon Coast

With howling winds
Rain pouring down
in angled buckets
 the shoreline was devoid
of all sane humans 
I hope to get equally drenched
Sharing with Watery Wednesday

Tuesday, December 11

A Misty Mossy Moment

Mist is most common
and moss grows
on the north side
of everything..
and I love them both!
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, December 10

Sunday, December 9

Sitting Silent

A small plaque reads:
Built in 1895
abandoned in 1914
Nothing more.
Sad that this beautiful church
has sat silent for 100 years.
It is however
 in the middle
 of nowhere.
I'd love to know its story.

Saturday, December 8

The Wetlands

Quiet and serene
clears the mind
nourishes the soul

Friday, December 7

Among the Pines

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, December 6

Rustling Leaves

and the few that linger
upon the trees
Sharing with Watery Wednesday

Wednesday, December 5

A River Runs Through

Way down yonder
lies a clean clear river
not easy to see
 even harder
to wander

Tuesday, December 4

Just Horsing Around

While capturing this old barn
these two happy horses came trotting along
and proceeded to entertain me
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, December 3

Mountains of Snow

Cascade Range
 Where lots of new snow
has fallen
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Sunday, December 2

Deep in the Forest

Amongst the moss and the ferns 
  you just might see
a little gnome's home
tucked neatly in a tree

Saturday, December 1

Scanning the Skies

for other-worldly visitors