I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, June 30

Wispy Whimsy

in abstract

Sunday, June 29

Blowing in the Wind

Out with my sweet hubby
traveling the back roads
The day couldn't have been
more perfect 

Saturday, June 28

Sunflower Power

Has the power
to bring sunshine
to cloudy days

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Friday, June 27

Rust and Roses

Delicate delights
intermingling with
 rusty rustics

Thursday, June 26

Back to Nature

Where once this home stood proud
providing shelter
filled with love
it now sits quiet
as it slowly
returns to the earth

Wednesday, June 25

Tuesday, June 24


A tiny little
island of green

Monday, June 23

Suddenly Summer

Filled with Flowers
and happy Bumble Bees
Sharing with Floral Love

Sunday, June 22

What Time Forgot

Old dock
sitting idle
for decades
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Saturday, June 21

Welcome Summer

May it be filled with
sunshine and laughter

Friday, June 20

Lonesome Town

Where the lonely
 hearts go
There is another side
another face to beauty
Where structure form
and age reign
It is everywhere
it surrounds us
It longs to be seen

Thursday, June 19



Wednesday, June 18


After an afternoon
of brilliant blue skies
the mist rolls back in
Along the Oregon Coast
( just south of Tillamook )

Tuesday, June 17

Nesting Time

Every Spring they return to nest
way up high
The beautiful Osprey

Monday, June 16


Dark skies gave way
to glorious sunshine
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Sunday, June 15

The Scent of a Rose

 There is none so sweet
so pure
as a Rose
Happy Father's Day
to dads

Saturday, June 14

Frozen in Time

Awaiting a fate
that may never come

Friday, June 13

Flower Play

The unpretentious
nearly perfect

Thursday, June 12

The Troll's Toll

I hear the Troll
requests a toll
of a smile a laugh
and a tootsie roll

Wednesday, June 11

Nature Made

New growth on old
the rainforest
is encased in green

Tuesday, June 10

Silently With Hardly a Notice

 Disturbing little
this beaver quietly swam by
 in the calm waters
of the wetlands

Monday, June 9

Playing Pirate

The Oregon Coast
holds many treasures
One is this wonderful cave
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Sunday, June 8

The Mountain Called

We heard the mountain call to us
Come visit me
And she proved to be
Glorious to see
Mt St Helens and her Crater

Saturday, June 7


Even in the shadows
where the sun rarely reaches
there is life

Friday, June 6

Fabulous Foxglove

Tall and slender
always looking pristine and proper
The fabulous

Thursday, June 5

Fading Daylight

Deep in an Olympic Peninsula
Where I love to be

Wednesday, June 4

Morning Fog

Along the Columbia River

Tuesday, June 3

Reaching for the Sun

Stretching this way and that
in search of
our elusive sunshine

Monday, June 2

Sweet Treat

Gorgeous Sweet
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, June 1

A Budding Month

A new month awakens
 renewing our hopes
 and dreams