I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, February 29

Rolling Through

Wisps of clouds 
hugging the hillsides
and dipping deep
into the valley below

Sunday, February 28

Endless Gratitude

comfort and shelter
giving and forgiving all 

Saturday, February 27


And sporting a top knot
The Oregon Coast

Friday, February 26


with time and place

Thursday, February 25

A Conflict of Colors

Splashes of brightness
 colors of old
a graveyard for trucks
rich in histories untold

Wednesday, February 24

Mountains Make Good Listeners

Their quiet stillness 
eternal patience
and everlasting presence
make them ideal listeners
Talk to a mountain
it may even talk to you

Mt St Helens
her crater
and pumice field far below

Tuesday, February 23

Dripping With Green

The rains let up
enough to grab our slickers
and go for a wander
in our favorite rainforest

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Monday, February 22

Signs of Spring

Fresh new lily pads
afloat at the wetlands
a gleeful sight

Sunday, February 21

Rugged Beauty

Rugged and pristine 
rising from the Pacific 
far below

Saturday, February 20

Of Land Sea and Sky

No matter the weather
there's no place I'd rather be
( especially on my birthday )
The Oregon Coast

Friday, February 19

Edge of the Forest

Silent winter days
the forest sleeps

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Thursday, February 18

Wednesday, February 17

Moody Blues

In an instant
 the sun was overtaken
by a thick devouring fog

Tuesday, February 16

Of Times Past

Gates without fences
once worthy
to contain and to hold
 but the keeper of stories
still untold

Monday, February 15

Being One With Nature

On the way up to
Mt St Helens
 is this lovely little nearly barren hill
with but a small outcropping of rock
and a few spindly trees that bow to the winds
I love this little hill
of simplicity
It speaks to me
 and I to it

Sunday, February 14

Sunlight on White

A rose so translucent
a rainbow
of colors bloom
Happy Valentine's Day
my dear friends

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Saturday, February 13


Freedom of mind and soul
lets us soar

Friday, February 12


I love the
bones of a tree
Seen best in the throes
of winter

Thursday, February 11

Reflections of Winter

The golden hour
along the Columbia River

Monday, February 8

Missing My Favorite Mountain

Mt St Helens 
I've been very ill for over a month now
Time and rest will heal
and chicken soup
I hope to be out and about real soon

Tuesday, February 2

Bits of Green

Mild winter weather
brings forth tiny signs
of Spring

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Monday, February 1

Reflections of Coldwater

Coldwater Lake
near Mount St Helens
Majestic in every season