I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, January 31

Sunset Silhouette

A quiet beach
along the Columbia

Saturday, January 30

Watching the Ships Go By

 Always enjoyable
even in the pouring rain

Friday, January 29

Turbulent Skies

Along the
Columbia River

Thursday, January 28

Parts and Pieces

In the bed of an old pickup
were parts and pieces
of another old vehicle
very neatly stacked
The late afternoon sun 
added intrigue
I've been quite ill of late
nothing serious
Hoping to get back to my normal routines soon

Tuesday, January 26

Misty Morning

A storm was rolling in
off the Pacific 
 along the Columbia River

Monday, January 25

Smoothed by the Tides

Along the Columbia River
where there's a great deal
of tidal activity

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Sunday, January 24

Running Rampant

A usually timid little creek
swollen from the rains

Saturday, January 23

Silver Lake

At the dock
on the lake
at dusk

Friday, January 22

They Come in Peace

Let's return the favor
Who knows
it may be that simple

Thursday, January 21


Not a sound 
flutter or ripple
here then gone
   Just saying hi 
on the fly

Wednesday, January 20

Chasing Sunsets

And every once in a while
every now and then
I catch one

Tuesday, January 19


I turned
and there I saw
a fleeting rainbow
glistening in the wee bit of sunlight
Made me smile
like a child
from ear to ear

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Monday, January 18

Stormy Day

The heavy rains let up
 as the sun found a tiny opening between clouds
to burst through
only to withdraw 
as the wild rains quickly returned 
along the Columbia River

Sunday, January 17

Quietly Waiting

In dormancy
patiently waiting
for Spring

Saturday, January 16

Winter Skies

forever hide the skies
here in winter
So when the clouds part
even briefly
we rejoice

Friday, January 15

The Wheels of Times Past

Sitting idle now
 but oh
the stories they could tell

Thursday, January 14

Between Storms

After a stormy day
the clouds briefly parted 
giving way to a gentle sunset

Wednesday, January 13

Winter Blush

In the deep sleep
of winter

Tuesday, January 12

Reflections of Winter

A brisk walk
in the chilly morning air
heart and soul

Monday, January 11

Pastel Dreams

 The quiet afternoon light
was magical
as I walked the wetlands

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Sunday, January 10

Into the Unknown

Now only ghost trains
ride these forgotten rails

Saturday, January 9

Winter Glow

The low soft light of a winter sun 
with an ocean breeze

Friday, January 8

Swaying in the Breeze

To feel the breath of Nature
to see its gentle sway
is one of life's
simple blessings

Thursday, January 7

Waiting Out Winter

Soft shades
quiet winter days
along the Columbia River

Wednesday, January 6

Winter Blues

Always busy
no time to really see 
I cannot but see
the magnificence of 
the ever changing light

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Tuesday, January 5

Hidden Hollow

Up a road that follows a creek
there is a hollow
hidden from sight
and little known
The light is mystical and forever changing
with the weather
and time of day
I love it there as
it seems to have an energy
 all its own

Monday, January 4

Sunday, January 3

In the Stillness

With Mt St Helens shining snowy bright
the wetlands sit quiet
taking its long winter's nap

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Saturday, January 2

Along the Oregon Coast

Where river meets the sea
melding into one

Friday, January 1

Winter Sunset

Sunsets are so much more dramatic
in the low light of winter