I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, July 31

Yesterday When I Was Young

Vines shrubs and bramble
have all but obscured
this barn of yesterday

But its once bustling life
can still be seen . .
if you squint
a lot

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Monday, July 30

Down by the River

Daydreaming . .
on a lazy afternoon

Sunday, July 29

Purple People Pleasers

 A bit of a
brain teaser

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Saturday, July 28


Mt St Helens
the year-round

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Friday, July 27

Thursday, July 26

Moss Laden

This fence is kinda in the middle of
It was fun to stumble upon

Wednesday, July 25

Twirls and Swirls

and buds and blooms

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Tuesday, July 24

What Was Once

Now sits in quiet disarray
Only hinting of its former beauty

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Monday, July 23

One With the Sun

To feel the sun's rays
To soak it all in
It's good to be

Sunday, July 22

The Forest of Strange

Tree Sprites
hide and seek

Saturday, July 21

Impending Storm

Within minutes a fantastic thunderstorm rolled in
and minutes later
rolled on out . . .
But what a show !

Friday, July 20

Thursday, July 19

A Lovely Love Me Love Me Not

Happiness is . . .

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Wednesday, July 18

Chasing Barns

I love barn chasing . . .
  This one really struck my fancy
An old barn
on a well manicured lawn
Wonderful juxtaposition !

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Tuesday, July 17


Mt St Helens
Bathed in late afternoon sun.

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Monday, July 16

Robust Rosey Roses

It's raining
not a dreary drudgery do
but a sweet summer sprinkle
that smells oh so good
and makes our forests and flowers
and me
very happy

Sunday, July 15

The Hush of the Rush

The quiet sound of rushing falls
  echoing through the canyon
calms the mind
while it energizes the soul.

Saturday, July 14


Hope you have
a beautiful weekend

Friday, July 13

Color Burst

Purple power
in a tiny little
in a big huge forest
A wonder to see

Thursday, July 12

Wild Things and My Spiffy Camera Bag

I love these teeny-tiny wildflowers
Like little fireflies
dancing in the forest.

I adore ferns
which grow in beautiful
uncontrollable abundance.

And this . . .  is my camera bag
It's a repurposed refitted
diaper bag.
Waterproof with pockets and pouches
and zippers.
It safely stores my Canon 7d and two lenses
plus an assortment of stuff.
The bad guys haven't a clue
what hides inside.

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Wednesday, July 11

Down the Road

My distant neighbor has the most gorgeous flowers
and this is one of them
A peony maybe . .  I don't know my flowers
though I do love them
I'm more of a tree/forest/jungle type gardener
 if that can be considered gardening.

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Tuesday, July 10

Still Standing

This little barn
has some parts missing
 but still stands (sorta kinda) strong
It has will power!

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Monday, July 9


Stopping time
clearing the mind
leaving the day behind
..if for only
one brief moment in time.

Sunday, July 8

Down at the Docks

Sleepy docks

In a sleepy little town
along the Columbia River

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Saturday, July 7

Yellow Roses

I'm drawn to soft creamy
yellow roses
So full of light and love
So full of hope.

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Friday, July 6

Well Seasoned

A weatherworn bridge
in an old growth forest

Hope you have a super wonderful

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Thursday, July 5

Wisp Kissed

The sun came out
from behind our stubborn clouds
Summer has finally
I think  I hope

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Wednesday, July 4

Independence Day

Have a happy and safe
4th of July!

Tuesday, July 3

Sitting Silent

I love this barn
It sits unused and looks so lonely
So I trespassed
just a wee bit
and stole its image
nothing more.

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Monday, July 2


A time worn fence
so not in a row
A garden forgotten
where roses still grow

Sunday, July 1

Adorable Duckies

Kinda looks like mama
adopted a dozen
Mallard baby duckies ?