I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, March 2

In Quietude

Adrift in a Lake
They always
make me smile

Monday, March 1

Sunday, February 28


The calm
after the storm

Saturday, February 27

Friday, February 26

Thursday, February 25

Colors of Winter

A quiet beach
along the Columbia River

Wednesday, February 24

Dangling Participles

in all its forms
can be
so beautiful

Tuesday, February 23

Once Upon a Time

It was much needed
it thrived

Monday, February 22

Sunday, February 21

Saturday, February 20

The Power of Pink

When the sun hides
for days on end
Think Pink

Friday, February 19

Thursday, February 18

Wednesday, February 17

Monday, February 15

Sunday, February 14

It Rarely Snows Here

That said ...
Nearly a foot
has so far fallen

Saturday, February 13

Snowy Weather

My evening walk
in a rare snowfall

Thursday, February 11

Wednesday, February 10

Winter Sleep

I love this tree the most
in Winter

Tuesday, February 9


The sky just exploded
with color

Monday, February 8

Sunday, February 7

Saturday, February 6

Foggy Morning Walk

Cows are out there

Friday, February 5

Thursday, February 4

Wednesday, February 3

Tuesday, February 2

Along the Banks

Winter Walking
at the Wetlands

Monday, February 1

Winter Rush

I love the soothing sounds
of rushing water

Sunday, January 31

Saturday, January 30

Friday, January 29

Thursday, January 28

Wednesday, January 27

Tuesday, January 26

Monday, January 25

Quiet Time

Old Railroad Bridge
Columbia River

Sunday, January 24

Saturday, January 23

Friday, January 22

The Forgotten One

High in a tree
all by its lonesome

Thursday, January 21

Wednesday, January 20

Tuesday, January 19

Monday, January 18

To Fly

To be one
with the sky

Sunday, January 17

Saturday, January 16

Friday, January 15

Thursday, January 14

Tuesday, January 12

The Crossing

Navigating our foggy
foggy winters

Monday, January 11