I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, September 27

Saturday, September 26

Friday, September 25


Looking Out
Looking In

Thursday, September 24

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Listening to the gentle rhythms
of a babbling brook

Wednesday, September 23


for the flowers
and us

Tuesday, September 22

Soaking Up the Sun

The Hostas
have been a true delight
all this summer long

Monday, September 21

Valley Peaks

With Mt St Helens
in the distance

Sunday, September 20

Saturday, September 19

Gone to Seed

With a beauty
all its own

Friday, September 18


In shades
of twilight

Thursday, September 17

Wednesday, September 16

Autumn Color

like Autumn itself

Tuesday, September 15

A Farewell to Summer

What we dearly need now
is rain

Monday, September 14

Sunday, September 13

Saturday, September 12

Changing Seasons

well tell the tale
of the changing seasons

Friday, September 11

Thursday, September 10

Of Dreams

and cooler days
and rain

Wednesday, September 9

Before the First Snow

Mt St Helens
Inside the Crater

Tuesday, September 8

Monday, September 7

Color Me Autumn

With its colors
so brilliant

Sunday, September 6

Hints of Fall

All too soon
will forget to bloom

Saturday, September 5

Friday, September 4

Thursday, September 3

As Summer Ebbs

Gardens still flow
with beauty

Wednesday, September 2

Tuesday, September 1

To See the Sea

Always sets
my soul free

Monday, August 31

Fleeting Moments

Summer flowers will slowly fade
but never will be forgotten

Sunday, August 30

Saturday, August 29

In the Garden

Away from the things
of man

Friday, August 28

Under Cover

peeking through

Thursday, August 27

Wednesday, August 26


I find such peace
walking in the woods

Tuesday, August 25

Monday, August 24

Budding Beauties

With new buds
new hope

Sunday, August 23

Saturday, August 22

A Cluster of Roses

A single stem
with roses

Friday, August 21

Thursday, August 20

Hot August Sun

Just the weather
Sunflowers love

Wednesday, August 19

Tuesday, August 18

Monday, August 17

Simplicity of White

Simple and pure
the white Hydrangea

Sunday, August 16

Saturday, August 15

Friday, August 14

Behind the Scenes

as it twists and turns

Thursday, August 13

Sweet Peas

On my afternoon walk
found these darlings
adorning the fields

Wednesday, August 12

Over Hill and Dale

growing in the wild
all summer long

Tuesday, August 11

Red Roses

I love all roses
what color they may be
but red roses
forever call to me