I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, December 31

Wishing All the Best

So many thoughts
of yesteryear
So many tomorrows
yet to come
for our hopes and dreams
to flourish
Happy New Year
my dear sweet friends

Tuesday, December 30

Shades of Nightfall

  the night transforms
the day

Monday, December 29

Sunday, December 28

Little Olequa Falls

Not very big
but ever so charming
It always makes me smile

Saturday, December 27

Against a Winter Sky

At that quiet time
when the winds calm
and the sky softly darkens

Friday, December 26

My Favorite Road to Nowhere

It ends abruptly at Nowhere
just over and down the hill
A wondrous place
where tree sprites
come to play

Thursday, December 25

Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

My wish for all
in every land
Let there be
Peace on Earth
Merry Christmas
my dear friends

Tuesday, December 23

A Walk in the Park

A bit of blue sky and sunshine
perfect for an afternoon walk
at Lake Sacajawea

Monday, December 22

The Changing Light

For just more
than the blink of an eye
Mt St Helens
in afternoon light

Sunday, December 21

Walking the Wetlands

Summer or winter
or the in between
I'm drawn to the wetlands
at dusk

Saturday, December 20

Winter Green

While walking amongst
the sleeping trees
my heart always smiles
when sparkles of green
can be seen

Friday, December 19

The Calm

Storms are lined up
far out to sea
 transforming the calm
into calamity

Thursday, December 18

Old Growth Glory

Majestic Graceful
and very Huggable

Wednesday, December 17

Wisps of Wonder

I was enchanted by
the swirling fog
as it grew
in the evening sky
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Tuesday, December 16

Monday, December 15

Through the Trees

In winter it can be seen
what's hidden
by summer green

Sunday, December 14


I love watching fog
    as it billows and blooms

Saturday, December 13

Transparent Reflections

Reflections seen

Friday, December 12


And then
the winds came

Thursday, December 11


 Trees that once were
now make cozy homes
for tiny secret gardens

Wednesday, December 10

A Family Affair

Tucked away
in the cranny of an old tree 
is a lovely little family
of mushrooms

Tuesday, December 9

Setting Sun

  soothe the senses
and the soul

Monday, December 8

UFO Over the Cascades

it was a lenticular cloud
above the Cascade Range
with Mt St Helens
showing off her snow covered
volcano made
flat top
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, December 7

Island in the Sky

neither here nor there
As if in a dream

Saturday, December 6

Ice Art

 Beautiful Ice Creations
by Mother Nature
Near Mt St Helens

Friday, December 5

Watching the World Go By

Simple pleasures
Rose colored glasses
not needed to see them

Thursday, December 4

The Changing Landscape

The Cascade Mountains
 in their winter wear

Wednesday, December 3

Vestiges of Autumn

 So short
So sweet
So quickly overshadowed
 by Winter

Tuesday, December 2

In the Thick of Things

The incredible greens
of a coastal rainforest

Monday, December 1

Snow Covered Mt St Helens

Blast Zone
Huge area devastated by the eruption
It is mending well
Sharing with Sweet Shot