I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, July 31

Raining a Rainbow

East of the Cascades
in Oregon
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Thursday, July 30

Side Trip Into the Abstract

Rusted and Worn 
and Wildly Vivid  

Wednesday, July 29

Heading In

Creating a gentle wake
and tiny ripples
on the smooth glassy lake
was a wonderfully relaxing
sight to see

Tuesday, July 28

Monday, July 27

After the Rains

Silver Lake
So calm
not a ripple to be found

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Sunday, July 26

Went Visiting

The Tree Sprites
and all their merry friends
say hi!

Saturday, July 25

High on a Hillside

Beauty is everywhere
 even in clear cuts... timber is a necessity
Little sanctuaries always remain
for the birdies and the bees
 and the temporary meadows that surround them
are always replanted

Friday, July 24

All But Forgotten

where logging trains 
once road
all but sit silent

Thursday, July 23

Happy Flap

Just enjoying
Just because
life is good

Wednesday, July 22

A Breath of Wind

Set this 
  little feather sailing

Tuesday, July 21

Little Bells of Cheerfulness

They glow in the sunlight
and grow most everywhere
all summer long
The Foxglove
one of my favorite wildflowers

Monday, July 20

A Sprinkling of Wildflowers

A few wildflowers still can be found
on the foothills near
 Mt St Helens 

Sunday, July 19

Serene Green

On these hot summer days
green helps cool and refresh
our senses

Saturday, July 18

Delightful Little Finds

are enchanting little treats
 when come upon

Friday, July 17

Thursday, July 16

Hidden Treasures

Tucked here and there
and everywhere
in my garden
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Wednesday, July 15

A Flurry of Ruffles

Soft and Delicate
Eye Candy

Tuesday, July 14

Then Came a Rainbow

As I sat high on a ridge
where wildflowers grew in the still heavy ash
    the valley floor looming
so far below
   and a storm brewing over Mt St Helens
I watched with childhood excitement
a rainbow blooming

Monday, July 13

Steps of Fancy

Steps that sent 
my imagination 

Sunday, July 12

Through the Reeds

 Coldwater Lake
   Mt St Helens
Where solitude can always
be found
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Saturday, July 11

Morning Has Broken

As the mist lifts
on a beautiful
 new day

Friday, July 10

Psychedelic Dreaming

Like frolicking 
in a rainbow

Thursday, July 9

Afternoon at Silver Lake

Enjoyed some quiet time
listening to the gentle rocking
of boats tied at
  the rickety old dock
on Silver Lake

Wednesday, July 8

Clouds Over the Crater

Clouds cloaking
  the top of
 Mt St Helens

Tuesday, July 7

Green Splendor

Moss and ferns grow
wherever they find
a little ground
to claim their own

Monday, July 6

Gentle Hues

As if faded by the sun
but holding a beauty
bested by none

Sunday, July 5

Wildflower Whispers

Wonderful wildflowers
with stories to tell
All we need do
is listen

Saturday, July 4

Friday, July 3

A Bright Delight

I've always loved honeysuckle
with their fragrant bursts of color
They grow in the wooded area
of the wetlands
This year in great profusion

Thursday, July 2

Still Waters

Of sky and water
and hot summer days

Wednesday, July 1

Morning Light

Cool mornings are a blessing
on these warm summer days
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