I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, November 30

Blanket of White

Freshly fallen snow
A sight of delight
When there's no where
needed to go

Saturday, November 29

A Rainforest Walk

Coastal Rainforest
 Oswald West
And to our happy wonderment
 the sun
graced us with her presence

Friday, November 28

It Calls to Me

For reasons beyond the known
this little tree high on a hill
calls to me
  I visit it often

Thursday, November 27

Giving Thanks

A perfect time
 to pause and reflect
to be thankful for
and kindnesses given
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Wednesday, November 26

Fogged In

Filled with moodiness and mystery
a thick morning fog
envelops the Columbia River

Tuesday, November 25

Reaching Out

 in the sun

Monday, November 24

Sunday, November 23

Lost in Time

Yet still possessing
so much charm
With a beauty
all its own

Saturday, November 22

Friday, November 21

A Mountain on the Mend

Mt St Helens
slowly regrowing from within
The Toutle Valley below
Haunting beauty
ravaged by the volcano
34 years ago

Thursday, November 20

Under Stormy Skies

A walk
down our lane
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Wednesday, November 19

On Golden Pond

As winter draws near
twilight becomes
ever more elusive

Tuesday, November 18

Music to My Ears

As the waves and rocks played
 their sweet rhythmic music
fell on my ears

Monday, November 17

Coastal Reflections

The stillness and solitude
of a November morn

Sunday, November 16

Blowing in the Wind

Dancing down the beach
and I
dancing along with it

Saturday, November 15

Friday, November 14

Well Worn Traveler

What tales
 it could tell

Thursday, November 13

Sailing By

With hardly a sound
or a ripple

Wednesday, November 12

Tuesday, November 11

Woodland Wonders

And when night touches day
they dance

Monday, November 10

There's a Storm Brewing

for the
wind and rain
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, November 9

Saturday, November 8

Gone Coastal

Spending some time
at the
Oregon Coast
with my best friend
my hubby

Friday, November 7

Thursday, November 6

Autumn in the Gorge

Horsetail Falls
 with its
soft and even song
Columbia River Gorge

Wednesday, November 5

Wheels Within Wheels

Once turning and churning
now sit idle
solemnly rusting away

Tuesday, November 4

Rumbling Down the Tracks

It's always a thrill
  seeing and feeling
a train
rumble on by

Monday, November 3

The Plains and What Remains

I've fallen in love with the
grandeur and expanse that lies  
east of the Cascades
  Where once I saw nothing
I now see and feel
 its beauty

Sunday, November 2

Busy Bee

 To be a bee
to be
to be
just a bee

Saturday, November 1

Rusty Treasures

Old abandoned wonderful
Left as found
only taking
 images and memories