I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, September 30

Quiet Time

So peaceful and relaxed
watching the world go by

Friday, September 29

Calm Waters

Placid morning along the
Columbia River
Washington Side
Looking west
to the Cascade Range

Thursday, September 28

Wednesday, September 27

Summer Bows to Autumn

Pinecones speak
of the cool crisp days
of Autumn

Tuesday, September 26

All Aglow

Late afternoon light
made these lovelies shine

Monday, September 25

Summers Edges

Soon the weather will turn
and the greens of summer
will belong to yesterday
Coldwater Creek
Mount St Helens

Sunday, September 24

Changing Seasons

With Autumn's arrival
only a few lovelies
left to bloom

Saturday, September 23

Basalt Columns Along the Columbia

Majestic Basalt Columns
along the Columbia River
just east of the gorge
Truly magnificent

Friday, September 22

Yesterday's Wildflowers

The remains of summer
all now gone to seed
They enchant me with
their delicate little ribbons of color

Thursday, September 21

Open Spaces

Fields rich
in Autumn color
Where quiet moments
seem perfect to be

Wednesday, September 20

Second Time Around

In a field
across the way
sweetpeas bloom in the early spring
gracing us again in the early fall

Tuesday, September 19

Last Vestiges of Summer

As Summer wanes
some color still remains

Monday, September 18

Gliding Weaving Dreaming

Drifting upward
Spiraling down
with the wind

Sunday, September 17

Late Bloomers

Brightening a somewhat
past prime garden
until the first frost

Saturday, September 16

Gone Coastal

I love immersing myself
in the lush green coastal rainforests
of the Pacific Northwest

Friday, September 15

Guardians of the Wheat Fields

Tall and grand
they stand
in nearly every farm around

Thursday, September 14

Babbling Brook

I find these little brooks
with their little babbling sounds

Wednesday, September 13

In a Sea of Green

Wandering through
Whilst talking to
the trees

Tuesday, September 12

Autumn Joy

There's that certain
little something
in the air

Monday, September 11

In Remembrance

Remembering 9/11
A day of infamy
their voices silenced
their souls resting in peace

Sunday, September 10


In Washington State
just east of the Cascade Range
along the Columbia River
is Stonehenge
A perfect replica completed in 1929
to honor the fallen soldiers
of the First World War

Saturday, September 9

Harvest Time

Especially for
all the birdies
feasting on all the berries

Friday, September 8

River of Dreams

A quiet respite
along the Columbia River
east of the Cascades

Thursday, September 7

Gone Fishing

Down by the river
in the last light of day

Wednesday, September 6


To be charmed by softness
gentleness and purity
the Sweet Pea

Tuesday, September 5

Ode to Summer

Time soon for crisp cool air
falling leaves
and fireplaces
aglow once more

Monday, September 4

A Most Incredible Sky

The clouds were alive
with amazing force and energy

Sunday, September 3

Puffs of Beauty

The simple
yet elegant Hydrangea

Saturday, September 2

A View from Afar

East of the Cascades
lies a very different world

Friday, September 1

Rolling Down the River

A breathless calm
with only the ship's wake
gently rippling the waters
of the Lower Columbia River