I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, October 31


My heart goes out to
 all who encountered
Hurricane Sandy

Tuesday, October 30

Tired Timbers

Worn and torn
  this little barn
still shows its charm
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Monday, October 29

Chasing the Afternoon Light

The light is perfect
for a fleeting moment
in time
 it's gone

Sunday, October 28

The Gorgeous Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge
is one of the most beautiful places
I've ever been
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Saturday, October 27


..in peaceful quiet places.
Enjoy your weekend
Find some time
to reboot
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Friday, October 26

Falling Leaves

Leaves on the trees
falling down

Thursday, October 25

First Snow

Mt St Helens
cloaked in clouds
had its first dusting of snow
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Wednesday, October 24

Blue Horizon

A heavy mist 
cast in blue 
hovered over the Columbia River

Tuesday, October 23

Lost Valley

Over a ridge 
down in a forgotten valley
sits this lonely little barn
  left for the elements to whittle away at
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Monday, October 22

Walk in the Park

 Sculptured limbs
gracefully bowed
 their leaves all falling
  to the ground

Sunday, October 21

Fabulous Fall Foliage

Fall's display of brilliance
is at its best right now.
A short  show
but what a show !
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Saturday, October 20


reflecting Autumn

Friday, October 19

A Flower for Friday

Joy is
immersing our senses
in the beauty
of life
and giving thanks

Thursday, October 18

Gone Fishin'

A respite from the rain...
The laundry will just
have to wait
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Wednesday, October 17


For the many
forest critters

Tuesday, October 16

Let the Sun Shine In

It amazes me
this barn
is still standing
It even has indoor plants
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Monday, October 15

Old Meets New

At sunset
Ruins of an old
Indian Shaker Church Village
with a majestic backdrop
of The Dalles Dam
stretching across the Columbia River.
The ruins are in Oregon
the hills are in Washington.

Sunday, October 14

Hidden Falls

We're still very green
but that'll be changing
real soon

Saturday, October 13


Finally .. 
After a 3 month dry spell
dry parched scary spell
it's raining
Happy dance!

Friday, October 12

A Little Bit of Autumn

Our leaves are just beginning to turn

Thursday, October 11

Quiet Country Road

A quiet peaceful road to be lost on
which we were
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Wednesday, October 10

On the Cusp

Still soaking up the sunshine
but our weather is about to change
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Tuesday, October 9

Put Out to Pasture

I just love
quaintly decrepit
been there done that
 old barns!
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Monday, October 8

Sunday, October 7

Strength and Beauty

Is what I see
in every tree

Saturday, October 6

Into the Past

Happy weekend
my friends

Friday, October 5

I Dream of Rain

We haven't had rain
except for a split-second tease
in over 2 months
Parched and dry
fire danger is very high
Anyone know a good rain dance?

Thursday, October 4

Going Strong

Most sunflowers
have retired
This one however
is an optimist
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Wednesday, October 3

Hazy Daze

Along the Columbia River
Sharing with Sunday Best

Tuesday, October 2

But Not Forgotten

Deserted homestead
in eastern Oregon
There were many
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Monday, October 1

Erector Set Bridge

Bridge spanning the Columbia River
from The Dalles, Oregon
to Dallesport, Washington.
We're over on the dry east side of the Cascade Range
(we live on the wet west side)
exploring the region
enjoying some R&R
and taking lots of pics!
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