I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, July 31


Journey to the center of a daylily.
May the sun shine brightly on you today...
even if it's raining.

Saturday, July 30

Pretty Little Oddity

Found this odd little plant at an abandoned nursery.
It looks like a fuzzy orange spider, with claws, on a stick. 
Needless to say I've never seen anything like it.
Do you know what it is or might be?

Friday, July 29

Daylilies in Waiting

To bloom for one sweet day
then too quick
they fade away.

Thursday, July 28

Blues in the Garden

I love blue in the garden 
and purple, and white, and...

Wednesday, July 27

Just Peachy

I think I've fallen in love with the rose.

Tuesday, July 26

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Boardwalk over the wetlands. 
There's so much foliage this year it's hard to see the water.
But it's oh so beautiful!

Monday, July 25

So Very Mellow Yellow

These little cuties are bursting open
 creating an explosion of yellow
 at the wetlands where I often walk.
Do you know what it is?
 I really need to buy a wildflower book.
I hope you have a beautiful week!

Saturday, July 23


Nose to Nose.. With a Rose

The Cycle of Life

Budding roses
soon to unfurl...
to nothing more
than a flowerless swirl.

Thursday, July 21


This wild rose was reaching toward the sun, trying to catch some rays
which we've had very little of so far this summer.

Wednesday, July 20

Pretty Purple Pleasure

Discovered this pretty little flower
at the wetlands today.
As usual I'm clueless as to its name
..other than wildflower.

Tuesday, July 19

The Glorious Morning Glory

These beauties grow in over-abundance, here in the Pacific Northwest
and sadly are considered weeds.  It's hard to dislike such a lovely weed.

Saturday, July 16

Happy Foxglove

I hope you have a glorious weekend!

Friday, July 15

Swirls and Curls of Yellow

The yellow rose symbolizes joy and happiness  
but most importantly, friendship.
And a true friend
is like a gift from God.

Thursday, July 14

Dainty Wildflowers

Beautiful wildflowers gracing the wetlands.
It's a joy to see so much in bloom.

Tuesday, July 12

Coldwater Lake

Our first visit to Coldwater Lake 
was on a cold foggy day in May.
This time the skies were blue, the day perfect.
Both were equally beautiful.

Monday, July 11

Heading Home

I hope your week is starting off great!

Saturday, July 9

Gaze Into My Crystal Ball

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 6

Mt St Helens~In the Blast Zone

In May of 1980 Mt St Helens violently erupted
devastating the region and leaving a deep crater.

Desolate left flank of the crater.

Huge mudflows ripped through the once fertile valley
leaving a path of destruction. 

Life is slowly returning to the mountains and the valleys.

In 200 years the dome will be rebuilt and once again the forests will stand proud and tall...
Until it erupts again!

Monday, July 4

Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens in the summer
is just as glorious
as it is in the winter

Friday, July 1

Happy Tibbar-Tibbar Day!

To wish someone a
Happy Tibbar-Tibbar Day
on the first day of the month
is to wish them
and bring them
much good luck!
(Yup, it's rabbit spelled backwards)