I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, April 30

Spring Rains

Our little local
are abundantly flowing

Tuesday, April 29

Garden Art

A rose is a rose
The bell ringer
Rust loves gardens
and gardens
 love rust

Monday, April 28

Happy Senses

 is blooming
Sharing with Floral Love

Sunday, April 27

The Forest Beckoned

Between the rains
 with a little bit of sunshine
that came our way
 and the air
filled with freshness
we  walked

Saturday, April 26

A Cotton Candy Sky

An extra little treat
to bid us
good night

Friday, April 25

Quietly Rusting

Like an old photograph
this dock remains unchanged
its occupants quietly
rusting away

Thursday, April 24

Nature's Brilliance

Spring's colorful abundance
never ceases to amaze
Sharing with Floral Love

Wednesday, April 23

Happy Little Tulips

Enjoying an afternoon
sun shower

Tuesday, April 22

The Forest Awakens

My Wonderland
Well everyone's
but still ...

Monday, April 21

Woodland Wonders

Wild Rose
Deep in the forest so green
  are colorful little wonders
everywhere to be seen

Sunday, April 20

Happy Easter

May it be filled
with beauty
and light

Saturday, April 19

Arresting Azaleas

Brightens even a cloudy day

Friday, April 18

Rustic Rust

Western style

Thursday, April 17

Spring Charm

First waterlily
in plain sight
They make me smile

Wednesday, April 16

A River Returning to Health

About a mile from home
is the Cowlitz River
named after a local Native American tribe
Old pilings
Devastated by the eruption
of Mt St Helens... in 1980
the river is slowly returning
to its former glory

Tuesday, April 15

Monday, April 14

Wildflowers Are ...

Little gifts
from heaven
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, April 13

Friday, April 11

Signs of Spring

The late afternoon light
made these tiny pink pretties
Mr Sweetie

Thursday, April 10

Plum Blossoms

against a pale
blue sky

Wednesday, April 9

Petal Power

Flowers bring light 
to our hearts
and to our souls

Tuesday, April 8

Ruffles and Ripples

Toss a penny
Watch a wish
come true

Monday, April 7

Pungently Perfumed

Skunk Cabbage...
its name suits it well
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, April 6

Happy Flowers

They always
make me smile

Saturday, April 5

Friday, April 4

Thursday, April 3

Wednesday, April 2

The Coy Camellia

Subtle and sweet 
in its lush green

Tuesday, April 1