I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, March 31


Gently swaying
in a soft breeze

Monday, March 30

At the Edge of the Forest

Forests need to be
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, March 29

A Spiritual Place

Communing with nature
makes my soul sing

Saturday, March 28

Fresh Starts

Bursting out
bright and shiny
Welcoming Spring

Friday, March 27

Thursday, March 26

Under the Weather

A soft tranquil veil of clouds
rested over
Mt St Helens

Wednesday, March 25

Pussy Willows

 Happy fuzzies
to welcome in Spring 

Tuesday, March 24

Into a Fantasy

A path that leads
to anywhere
and everywhere

Monday, March 23

High Flying

Looking for that perfect
place to land

Sunday, March 22

Flowers of the Wild

Creativity is as endless
as the imagination

Saturday, March 21

Poignant Beauty

A manmade storm
blew through this forest that was
there is only silence

Friday, March 20

Welcoming In Spring

Spring truly is
a delight to the eye

Thursday, March 19


The dawning of
a beautiful new day

Wednesday, March 18

Morning Fog

The hushed softness
and haunting beauty
of morning fog

Tuesday, March 17

Perfect Weather

for a paddleabout
at the wetlands

Monday, March 16

The Awakening

  Of joyous

Sunday, March 15

Clinging to Existence

Tenacious and determined
to be

Saturday, March 14


 So many
winding through
our lives

Friday, March 13

Thursday, March 12

In the Quiet Chill

They patiently wait
for the warmth of laughter
from children at play

Wednesday, March 11

Tuesday, March 10

Monday, March 9

Lollygagging with Lilypads

Loving all the fresh new
  emerging at the wetlands
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, March 8

Signs of Spring

Early bloomers
Always make me smile

Saturday, March 7

If Walls Could Talk

The volumes
they could tell

Friday, March 6

Just to Be

To walk a lonely beach
  to smell the fresh salt air
to gaze out into infinity
and be caressed by the warmth of the sun
If only for one day
These memories will last
a lifetime

Thursday, March 5

Snow Cone Glow

Mt St Helens
 Lost its perfect peak
in 1980
But it will always be
my favorite mountain

Wednesday, March 4

Playing Leapfrog

As the sun fades away
the wetlands
becomes a place of play

Tuesday, March 3

Reflecting Light

Late afternoon sun
transformed the river
into a forest of light

Monday, March 2

What Lies Beyond

Always eager to see
where the trail may lead us
But darkness was falling
it was time to turn back
We'll save it for another day

Sunday, March 1

Buds and Blooms

Early arrivals grace our eyes
on this first day of March
Sharing with Sweet Shot