I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, May 31

Hosta Heaven

The lovely blooms
of the Hosta

Monday, May 30

Where the Petals Fall

The slightest breeze
and down they fell
still so vibrant
in pinks and white
these peony petals
now sprinkled on the ground

Sunday, May 29

In the Wild

Brightening up the forest
Heavenly scented honeysuckle

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Saturday, May 28

Here For Such a Short While

 Peonies all
in full bloom
Capturing the moment
to stir the memory
when faded away

Friday, May 27

Last Light

Glowing softly
in the afternoon light

Thursday, May 26

Pink Perfection

The Peony
one of those
truly true
of nature

Wednesday, May 25

Remember Me

In my garden of pink
roses and peonies
this little leaf rested
saying in a quiet hush
remember me

Tuesday, May 24

Quiet Moments

To pause
to see
the wonders of nature

Monday, May 23

Little Kaleidoscopes

The beautiful colors
and heavenly scent
of the honeysuckle
 intensify into awesome dreaminess
under rainy skies

Sunday, May 22

Raindrops Keep Falling

Rain showers are making
outdoor adventures difficult
but interesting

Saturday, May 21

In Remembrance of Flight 804

For the souls lost
and loved ones in sorrow
My heart hurts for all

Friday, May 20

After the Rain

and a Rose

Thursday, May 19

Tiny Treasures

Living along the forest edge
are clusters of these
happy little wildflowers

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Wednesday, May 18

Mt St Helens on Her Anniversary

On May 18, 1980 
Mt St Helens violently erupted
We live in her shadow
and in an unexplainable way
made her our own

Monday, May 16

Wildflower Tales

Scrunch down low
and you just might hear
tales told in soft whispers
of fairies pixies and sprites
who come play on their petals
and take shelter from
 afternoon rains

Sunday, May 15

Among the Many

there are Rhododendrons
bursting with color
So numerous
their charm and beauty
often get
lost in the crowd

Saturday, May 14

May to September

Golden leaves of
Autumn past
still adorn my
Spring gardens

Friday, May 13

Rose Fever

A rose by design
is still 
a rose

Thursday, May 12

Delightful Wonders

Wandering our woodlands
talking with the wildflowers

Wednesday, May 11

Sun Lovers

Our first to bloom

Tuesday, May 10

Honeysuckle Dreams

Filling the air
with intoxicating charm
and beauty

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Monday, May 9

Little Treasures

beautiful gifts of nature

Sunday, May 8


Playing with Rhodies
mirrors and water

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Saturday, May 7

Wildflowers in the Wilds

In the far reaches of our
jungly yard
wildflowers grow

Friday, May 6

Always a Wonder

Always changing
never knowing
what wonders we'll discover
as we climb ever nearer
to her beauty
Mt St Helens

Thursday, May 5

Little Sweeties

Tiny treasures
brightening my
disheveled garden

Wednesday, May 4

A Bit of Blue

Ah those irresistible

Tuesday, May 3

I Heard Her Calling

With a sprinkling of new snow
to freshen her up
Mt St Helens
speaks to my soul

Monday, May 2

Wild Roses

In early May
these charmingly disheveled
grace our world
Short lived
but oh so sweet

Sunday, May 1

May Day

Whispers of warmer weather
Promises of longer days
filled with sunshine
Rejoice the Spring