I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, April 30

The Delectable Dogwood

A joyous burst
of Spring color

Wednesday, April 29

Tuesday, April 28

Sequoia Sundown

The setting sun
dancing on the bark
of our Giant Sequoia

Monday, April 27

Sunday, April 26

Apple Blossom Time

So delicate
in their pink and white

Saturday, April 25

Friday, April 24

Thursday, April 23

Bursting with Buds

Slow to bud
now in abundance

Wednesday, April 22

Making Ripples

Red Winged Blackbird
playing among the lily pads

Tuesday, April 21


new life
new hope
new day

Monday, April 20

Sunday, April 19

Seeing Spring

With all its many shades
of green

Saturday, April 18

Friday, April 17

A Tender Touch

Staying home
playing with flowers

Thursday, April 16

Wednesday, April 15

A Passion for Pink

a color so soft
it's like a lullaby

Tuesday, April 14

Bluebells in Springtime

So wonderful to see
in the field
across the way

Monday, April 13

Fleeting Magnificence

and always grateful
for that moment
in time

Sunday, April 12

Easter Bouquet

May you have
a blessed and safe Easter

Saturday, April 11

Spring Runoff

Just down the road
this little waterfall
awakens every Spring

Friday, April 10


in the woodlands
of home

Thursday, April 9

Buds and Blooms

in my backyard

Wednesday, April 8


Sweet little beginnings
caught my eye
and made me smile

Tuesday, April 7

Shy Pink

Just a touch
of softness

Monday, April 6

Sunday, April 5

Fly Me to the Moon

and let me play
among the stars

Saturday, April 4

Beauty Blooms

filling my soul
with hope

Friday, April 3

Talk to the Flowers

They are
very good listeners

Thursday, April 2

A Touch of Spring

Stay safe and well
dear friends

Wednesday, April 1