I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, April 30

Neatly Nestled

  all tucked in

Sunday, April 29


I fell in love
with this little yellow fellow

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Saturday, April 28

A Bounty of Bluebells

We seem to have an overabundance
of Bluebells this year
Growing wild
 in the woods across the way

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Friday, April 27

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

In a meadow
high on a hill
Away from the things of man ~

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Thursday, April 26

Obstacle Course

Elves go under
Fairies fly over
And we mortals
find a way around

Wednesday, April 25

Humming With Life

Forming and transforming
The wonder of it all ~

Tuesday, April 24

Down on the Farm

A once was farm ~
Sadly so many have gone to seed
Even their cool rides
now sit idle

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Monday, April 23


Sunny and 75
2 days in a row . . .
Pinch me !

Sunday, April 22

Warm Breezes Faintly Scented

I feel an afternoon nap
coming on ~

Saturday, April 21

The Touch

Have a beautiful weekend ~

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Friday, April 20

Dream Tree

Dreams are little capsules
of hope
of love 
and of adventure
Never stop dreaming

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Thursday, April 19

Stop Look and Listen ~

I love these spur of the moment
grab the camera
leap out of the car
and click click click . . .
And actually manage
to get something recognizable
even kinda cool ~ 

Wednesday, April 18

Camellia Commotion

Our camellia bush is overflowing with blooms
its laden branches bending to the ground
It must be this rainy yet mild weather
we've been having ~

Tuesday, April 17

Moss Laden

 Along the Toutle River ~
The up-rooted stump was a victim
of the 1980 eruption
of Mt St Helens
A monster debris flow devastated the river
  Now slowly returning to its peaceful beauty

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Monday, April 16

Sunday, April 15

Sunshine on Cedar

always makes me smile ~

Saturday, April 14

Friday, April 13

Stormy Weather

Our unsettled weather continues
The sky has been so dramatically beautiful
it's impossible to complain ~

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Thursday, April 12

Unfurling Beauty

I fell in love
with this little flower
Just the way it is

Wednesday, April 11

Dairy Farm of Yesteryear

Sitting vacant and looking sad
 this old dairy farm
has seen better days
But was way fun
to gingerly explore

Tuesday, April 10


There's nothing like
the pureness of white ~

Monday, April 9

Exteriors and Interiors

A wonderful barn
we wandered on
With some serious character ~

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Sunday, April 8

Softly Growing

Deep in the forest
lush with green
a tiny pink wildflower
steals the scene

Saturday, April 7

Have a Beautiful Easter ~

May the sun shine brightly
on your Easter bonnet ~

Friday, April 6

Clouds through a Gate with a Cow

After a deluge of rain
( well a mini deluge )
the clouds parted
( sort of )
So I took a late afternoon
 walk up the lane
( and hardly almost didn't get wet )
It was grand !

Thursday, April 5

First Bloom

Our Camellia is chock-full of buds
with one lonely bloom
Not to worry , little flower
 An explosion of companions
is coming soon

Wednesday, April 4

Mt St Helens ~ At the Crater

Woke up to a lovely surprise . . .
sunshine !
So I decided to take a drive up Spirit Lake Hwy
to visit my favorite mountain
The snow was wildly dancing
to the tune of the howling winds
It was beyond beautiful

I was doing my happy dance ~

Tuesday, April 3

Monday, April 2

Open Open Open

It's been downright soggy here
the ducks are loving it
I'd love a wee bit
of sunshine

Sunday, April 1

Floating ~

In a sea of tranquility