I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, October 31


Where ghouls ghosts and goblins
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 30

Frost on the Pumpkin

As Autumn settles in
so does the cold
These lovelies will be but a memory
in a soon to be

Tuesday, October 29

Curiosities of the Past

Old Schoolhouse or Church
Perhaps an old store and Mt Hood
Total Mystery
On the dry east side of the Cascades
there are ghost buildings everywhere
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse


Monday, October 28

White River Falls

First we heard a thunderous sound
then we saw the falls
Such beauty
in a place so unexpected

Sunday, October 27

Saturday, October 26

Morning Mist

I hope you have
a beautiful weekend

Friday, October 25

Passing by the Past

Once a bustling Cannery Row
now only the pilings remain
Lower Columbia River
Washington side

Thursday, October 24

Wednesday, October 23

Tuesday, October 22

Lush With Green

Coastal Rainforest
where trees grow on trees
sustaining life
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, October 21

Total Bliss

Sunny and warm
  two words rarely used here
in late October
This year
I got to use them
Oregon Coast

Sunday, October 20

Feather Dusting

I watched
 this little feather
as it wandered the sandy beach
and thought ...
you need to come home with me
which it did

Saturday, October 19

Gone Coastal

Celebrating our
wedding anniversary ... 
32 years ago
we eloped

Friday, October 18

One Last Beauty

One little blue
bloomed yesterday
Made me smile

Thursday, October 17

Dramatic Differences

Variances in terrain
  east of the Cascade Range
can be very dramatic
... and extremely beautiful
Columbia River
Washington side

Wednesday, October 16


This lush little oasis
lies on the east side of the Cascade Range
where few trees grow

Tuesday, October 15

Whispering Winds

and not a sound more
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, October 14

Autumn Glow

Our hills are
with color
Sharing with Nancy's Weekly Muse

Sunday, October 13

Shepperd's Dell

Several waterfalls adorn
this beautiful dell ...
in the
Columbia River Gorge

Saturday, October 12

The Changes of Time

Old meets new
This lonely house
though tattered and worn
still stands proud

Friday, October 11

Homeward Bound

The wind was howling
as we headed back through
the Columbia River Gorge

Thursday, October 10

Beautiful Basalt

 Large basalt outcroppings
make a magnificent backdrop
Along the east end of
the Columbia River Gorge
I'm loving it out here!

Wednesday, October 9


Fruit trees flourish
on once barren land
  Mt Hood looms in the distance

Tuesday, October 8

Oh We're Not Lost ...

... right
Somewhere in the hills
above the Columbia River Gorge
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, October 7

So Many Questions

that will forever go

Sunday, October 6

Of the Past

Native American fishing village
along the Columbia River
Uninhabited now
but if you listen
you will hear
and if you look
you will see
hushed shadows 
of a time
long long ago

Saturday, October 5

Friday, October 4

Thursday, October 3


Coldwater Lake
Volcano made ...
and made so

Wednesday, October 2

A Good Day for a Walk

After all the stormy weather
it's nice getting out
for a walk
in the sun

Tuesday, October 1

Autumn Gold

A little sunshine
in the garden
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse