I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, December 31

Climb Every Mountain

May our dreams
become realities
If we try
we can
Happy New Year
my dear sweet friends

Monday, December 30

To Fly

on the wings
of freedom
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, December 29

Misty Mountain

 and the trees
were laden with frost

Saturday, December 28


The Columbia River
cloaked in a heavy mist

Friday, December 27


Rays of happiness and hope

Thursday, December 26

Fleeting Light

Gently touched
so quickly
  Turning day 
into night
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Tuesday, December 24

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

and may all your Christmases
be white
Merry Christmas
my dear friends

Monday, December 23

Crossing the Columbia

The Columbia River
is somewhere below
and hopefully
more bridge is ahead
Astoria bridge...
linking Oregon to Washington State
at the coast

Sunday, December 22

Stormy Weather

A storm rolled in
faster than we could run
Loved every minute
of our soggy adventure
Spending the weekend at Cannon Beach

Saturday, December 21

Moody Blue

A blue haze embraces the
 Columbia River Gorge

Friday, December 20

Christmas Wishes

Wishing you and yours
 a most joyous holiday season

Thursday, December 19

Wednesday, December 18

Tuesday, December 17

Babbling in Seclusion

Past the bramble
 down a ravine
 lies this busy little creek
hidden deep in the woods
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, December 16

Feeling Christmas

It's in the air

Sunday, December 15

Saturday, December 14

Friday, December 13

Frozen Beauty

and reflective
embrace the wetlands

Thursday, December 12

Wind Swept

onshore breezes
sculpt the landscape

Wednesday, December 11

Little Falls

A trickle
in between

Tuesday, December 10

Monday, December 9

On Frozen Pond

Took a very brisk walk
around the wetlands
which are solidly frozen over
Feel sorry for all the little critters
that have to brave this very cold
very rare occurrence
Mt St Helens
in the sunshine

Sunday, December 8

A Bit Too Frosty

Two pairs of socks
thick gloves a scarf a hat a hood
and three layers of clothes
yet still I'm cold
from my nose
to my toes

Saturday, December 7


Early winter
clinging to the trees

Friday, December 6


in life
is a gift
of life

Thursday, December 5

The Deep Freeze

Put another log
on the fire

Wednesday, December 4

Hidden Falls

This little waterfall
comes out from hiding
 only in winter
when trees are sleeping

Tuesday, December 3

Little Pond

In a big 

Monday, December 2


Below the horizon
  far away
 dawning on
another's day

Sunday, December 1

Saturday, November 30

Playing in the Sand Dunes

at the Washington Coast
Sharing with Top Shot

Friday, November 29

Thursday, November 28

Home Sweet Home

No matter who
 what or where
there's no place like home
Happy Thanksgiving... my dear friends

Wednesday, November 27

Morning Sun

The fog slowly lifted
letting the sun shine through
Lake Sacajawea

Tuesday, November 26

Above the Clouds

Yet still on the ground ...
Near Mt St Helens
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, November 25

They Bend and Sway

  And moan in the wind
 Coastal rainforests
magical and mysterious

Sunday, November 24

Low Tide

for beachcombing

Saturday, November 23

Sun Going Down

Sunset over the Pacific
was amazing Friday night
I think the seagulls liked it too

Friday, November 22

Thursday, November 21

Wednesday, November 20

Tuesday, November 19

Let it Snow

Mt St Helens peeking through
with a fresh new
cover of snow
Sharing with Sweet Shot Tuesday

Monday, November 18

Seeing Green

Deep in a Coastal

Sunday, November 17


Several storms are poised to roll in
off the Pacific
I love stormy weather

Saturday, November 16

Gone With the Wind

A strong wind
and all but the stubborn leaves have fallen 
exposing the heavy cover of moss
 draped on nearly all our trees

Friday, November 15

Pixie Playground

If you're real lucky
you might sneak a peek
at giggling pixies
playing hide and go seek

Thursday, November 14

Wednesday, November 13


The Columbia
is a busy river
Madame Butterfly
gliding through