I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, August 3

Sunday, August 2

Wisps in the Wind

in the warm summer air

Saturday, August 1

Thursday, July 30

Wednesday, July 29

The Hydrangea

So much beauty
in so many varieties

Tuesday, July 28


Talking to the flowers
Staying close to home

Monday, July 27

A Bit of Whimsy

Little fuchsia
dancing in a summer breeze

Sunday, July 26

Sunny Delight

Something old
Something new
and Something
Peeking through

Saturday, July 25


among the fern

Friday, July 24

Thursday, July 23

Garden Charmer

The ever reliable
ever beautiful

Wednesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 21

Monday, July 20


Mt St Helens
at sunrise

Sunday, July 19

A Profusion of Wild Roses

Compliments of
a cool wet

Saturday, July 18

Painting the Roses Red

In the quiet hush
of daybreak

Friday, July 17

Thursday, July 16

In the Garden

Is where
you'll find me

Wednesday, July 15

Swaying Softly in the Sunlight

Playing in the garden
Staying close to home

Tuesday, July 14

Monday, July 13

Sunday, July 12

Saturday, July 11

Time Forgotten

Old abandoned dairy farm
just down the road

Friday, July 10

Thursday, July 9

In the Wild

Among the tall grasses and ferns
Foxglove thrives

Wednesday, July 8

Tuesday, July 7


I'm drawn to rose buds
Pure perfection

Monday, July 6

Sweet Honeysuckle

Sweet to look at
Sweet to the taste

Sunday, July 5

Saturday, July 4

Friday, July 3

Gentle Summer Rains

To quiet the mind
and cleanse the soul

Thursday, July 2

New Beginnings

So beautiful at this young stage

Wednesday, July 1

Tuesday, June 30

Pretty Purple Pleasures

In the wilds of our yard
the most delicate flowers
just magically appear

Monday, June 29

Perfection is the Rose

They charm
and warm the heart

Sunday, June 28

Don't Fence Me In

Down the road pasture
overflowing with wildflowers

Saturday, June 27

Dainty Delights

Always a joy to discover
growing in the wilds

Friday, June 26

Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, June 24

Roses Untamed

Perhaps once planted
now in the realm
of wild

Tuesday, June 23

Communing with Nature

I stand in awe
when among
the trees

Monday, June 22

Sunday, June 21

Saturday, June 20

Friday, June 19

Thursday, June 18

Tuesday, June 16

The Power of the Flower

I do believe
are keeping me sane

Monday, June 15

Being Protected

From all things
great and small

Sunday, June 14