I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year

May 2016 overflow with
and Magic

Wednesday, December 30

In Hiding

Fog slowly ate
 the Oregon side
of the Astoria Bridge

Tuesday, December 29

Monday, December 28


One of the many 
abundantly amazing 
little generators of
renewable life

Sunday, December 27


In the silent stillness
lingering near Mt St Helens
a magnificent lenticular cloud

Saturday, December 26

A Time to Reflect

Away from the
madding crowd

Friday, December 25

Peace On Earth

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Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas

To all my dear friends
Merry Christmas
May it bring you 
joy and light

Wednesday, December 23

Mt St Helens Dressed in White

Yes, there are other mountains 
this one is
on the mend
Yes, for the next 200 years or so
I'm here now
and now is when
I fell in love
with this beautiful mountain
on the mend

Tuesday, December 22

Teardrops from Heaven

Bringing life
and hope

Monday, December 21

Caught in a Fog

I love sunsets
they can differ so from day to day
from moment to moment
From pinks and blues
to a golden glow
encased in a fog

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Sunday, December 20

Snow White

With a touch
of rust

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Saturday, December 19


First light of day
and the last
  inspire me always
to give thanks

Friday, December 18

Foggy Days

There is quiet beauty
to the stillness
of lingering fog 

Thursday, December 17

Adrift in the Winter Cold

Little leaf
you're so out of place
and on your own
  in a world of snowy cold

Wednesday, December 16

A Touch of Blue

Muted light
on a snowy day
Creating beauty
in shades of gray

Tuesday, December 15

Sunset in the Mountains

Though Mt St Helens 
remained hidden under the cover of clouds
the sky cleared to the west
just in time to experience
a glorious sunset

Monday, December 14

Wandering the Woodlands

Nothing nourishes my soul more
than a walk in the woods

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Sunday, December 13

Hues of Blue

As day slowly turned to night
the sky was filled with hues
of blue

Saturday, December 12

A Dusting of Snow

Blue skies
if only for 
a whisper of time

Friday, December 11

The Ballet

Glistening bright
dancing in the moonlight

Thursday, December 10

Sunset Serenade

The mountains called to me
and I humbly obliged 

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Wednesday, December 9

Cloaked in Fog

The ever changing moods
of the Columbia River

Tuesday, December 8

Happy Little Rainforest

Raindrops keep falling
and falling
Our lush green rainforests
love the rain
So do I

Monday, December 7

Seasons Change

Wetland reeds
putting on their coats of brown
readying for winter

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Sunday, December 6

Above and Beyond

Above the clouds
along Spirit Lake Hwy
where Mt St Helens dwells
and maybe a tiny piece
of Heaven

Saturday, December 5

Walking the Wetlands

A peaceful walk
clears the mind
and frees the soul

Friday, December 4

Frosty Glow

A touch of morning frost
to welcome in
 a brand new day

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Thursday, December 3

For San Bernardino

No words
can express the sorrow
Only prayers

Wednesday, December 2


The Columbia River
steeped in fog
and uncertainties
of land or river

Tuesday, December 1

Shadows Fall Deep

In mere moments
its gone
that last light of day