I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, September 30

Rolling Hills

On the eastern side of the Cascade Range
in both Oregon and Washington
there are few trees
A stark beauty
all its own

Saturday, September 29

Under the Oaks

Enjoying a family picnic
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Friday, September 28

Hiking the Columbia River Gorge

We're out exploring
the Columbia River Gorge
and places there-abouts
on both the Oregon and Washington sides
  of the Columbia River.
We trekked out to these incredible falls Thursday
 one of many in the gorge.
More discoveries await us in the coming days!
Image is basically straight out of the camera.
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Thursday, September 27

Watch Your Step

Especially that first one
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Wednesday, September 26

Tuesday, September 25

Barn in Sight

Guess I should have one of those stickers that reads
I brake for barns
cause I do
slam on my brakes and jump out
with camera in hand...  Oh my
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Monday, September 24

I'm Sitting Pretty

  ... ready for my close-up !

Sunday, September 23

Deep in the Old Growth Forest

happily hugging trees
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Saturday, September 22

A is for Crisp Ripe Juicy-Sweet Apples

and Autumn...
Happy first weekend of Autumn !

Friday, September 21

Big and Bright

Though autumn is clearly  
  in the air
these bright beauties
keep blooming away
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Thursday, September 20

Proud to Be Useful and Used

Weathered and worn
but still going strong
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Wednesday, September 19

Castles in the Air

Yesterday's architecture
tomorrow's artifacts

Tuesday, September 18

Letting the Light In

I love all the little windows
this old barn has
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Monday, September 17

Sunday, September 16

The Cycle of Life

Giving back to the Earth Mother
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Saturday, September 15

It's Gonna Be A Bright Bright Bright...

... Sun-Shiny Day !
Have a
beautiful weekend !

Friday, September 14


The days are warm
the nights cold
Autumn is in the air

Thursday, September 13

Wednesday, September 12

Signs of Change

Though our weather is still
we're beginning to see signs of

Tuesday, September 11


Lest we forget

Delightfully Decrepit

This great old barn slowly dissolves away
 as nature reclaims her land
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Monday, September 10

Late Bloomers

Little wild roses
still showing off new blooms
while its neighbors pretty much
have gone to seed
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Sunday, September 9

Walking Our Walk

After a bout of hot weather
we're out walking again
and it feels wonderful !

Saturday, September 8

Taking Time

.. to sit and dream
and to
just be

Friday, September 7

Foggy Weather

 Mt St Helens
veiled in fog.
The left side was blown away
by the 1980 eruption.

Thursday, September 6

Needs Work

.. or maybe
just a good stiff breeze
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Wednesday, September 5

Late Summer Color

Brilliant purple
I love purple
any-thingies !
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Tuesday, September 4

Standing Tall and Proud

I can almost hear
 tales this barn does hold
tales yearning to be told
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Monday, September 3

A Swirling Twirling

Rush of sound
Dancing in the air

Sunday, September 2

Saturday, September 1

Calm Waters

 September Morn'
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