I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Sunday, December 31

Celebrating the New Year With Style

Happy New Year
to all my dear sweet friends

Saturday, December 30

Friday, December 29

Winter Bones

The beauty of trees
lie in their winter bones

Thursday, December 28

Snow Covered Peaks

Fresh snow on the rugged peaks
just east of Mt St Helens
Cascade Range

Wednesday, December 27

Droplets of Rain

Glistening in the sunlight
on sleeping trees

Tuesday, December 26


Frost covered wetlands
on a cold morning walk

Monday, December 25

Leaving the Candle Lit

For weary travelers
on this cold winters night
hearth and home awaits
snugly warm and bright

Sunday, December 24

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

To all my dear friends
far and wide
May the Joy of Christmas
be with you

Saturday, December 23

Winter Green

In winter moss clings to our trees
keeping them green
all year long

Friday, December 22

Morning Frost

This was tagged at the nursery
as a creeping redwood
Um ... so far it's 30 feet high
and growing
Not exactly a low growing creeper
Whatever it is
I love it

Thursday, December 21

All Covered in Snow

I love our slightly dented mountain
especially when covered
in freshly fallen snow
Mt St Helens

Wednesday, December 20

Of Yesterday

Log trains of yesterdays not so long ago
chugged along these rails daily
No longer needed they now sit idle
freeing nature to reclaim her land

Tuesday, December 19

Monday, December 18

Sky Blue Water

A peaceful evening walk
at the wetlands

Sunday, December 17

In a Quiet Cove

On a beautiful but rare
sunny December day
along the Oregon Coast

Saturday, December 16

Sunlight Breaking Through the Fog

The Northern Oregon Coastal Rainforests
are beyond beautiful
One of our favorite places
to wander

Friday, December 15

Winter is Upon Us

Though not officially winter
winter is here

Thursday, December 14

Crossing the Columbia

Crossing the Columbia River
from Cathlamet to Puget Island
both in Washington State
on a foggy winter's day

Wednesday, December 13

Summer Dreams

With winter fast approaching
my dreams turn to
warm summer days
and the sweet smell of roses

Tuesday, December 12

Stormy Seas

Watching a winter storm roll in
along the Oregon Coast

Monday, December 11

Sunday, December 10

Watching the Sails Go By

On an unusually calm
Columbia River
So relaxing

Saturday, December 9

Friday, December 8

Gone to Sleep

Gone are their leaves of summer green
now deep in their wintry sleep

Thursday, December 7


Last light
Oregon Coast
just north of Cannon Beach

Wednesday, December 6

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Nine months of the year
we live under the cover of clouds
with an almost continuous drizzle
I love our webbed foot weather
but when the sun finds its way through
we rejoice

Tuesday, December 5

Pastel Dreams

Walking the wetlands
on a peaceful afternoon
Mt St Helens floating on clouds

Monday, December 4

Drifting By

Feathered clouds
crossed the skies
just before darkness fell

Sunday, December 3

Riverside Woodlands

Years ago Bill and I stumbled across
this small nearly hidden unkempt no name state park
in a canyon alongside the Columbia River
The light that filters through
makes magic

Saturday, December 2

Lassoing the Moon

A glowing rainbow
lassoed the moon

Friday, December 1

Inner Sanctum

Freshly fallen snow
Rugged west facing crater wall
Mt St Helens
cloaked in clouds

Thursday, November 30

Wednesday, November 29

Seaside Serenade

An abstract view
of reality

Tuesday, November 28

In a Distance

The world looks

Monday, November 27

Sunbeams and Shadow

Watched the last bit of  light
as it streamed across the water
Seconds later
it was gone

Sunday, November 26

Hidden Places

You may stumble upon one
hidden deep in the unknown but
Can it ever be found again
We won't ever know
lest we try

Saturday, November 25


In winter elk come down to graze
They are so majestic
so proud
I love watching them
as they watch me

Friday, November 24

Thursday, November 23

The Falling Leaves

I am grateful for
all the simple pleasures of life
Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 22

Simplicity of Life

They turn to amber and gold
they curl and they dry
then return to the earth

Tuesday, November 21

In Stillness

Watching day
turn to night

Monday, November 20

River Art

Nature so often paints
its own pictures

Sunday, November 19

Saturday, November 18

Where the Trail Ends

Do we turn back
or forge ahead

Friday, November 17

Afternoon Delight

Wintry afternoon
at Silver Lake Wetlands
Mt St Helens
all aglow

Thursday, November 16

River Crossing

Over the very foggy
Columbia River

Wednesday, November 15

In the Mist

It seemed so alive
breathing swirling
through the valleys
of the mountains
with freshly fallen snow

Tuesday, November 14

Excerpts from Autumn

Holding on
til the north winds
chase them away

Monday, November 13

Of Light and Wonder

Mother Nature's light show
and what a show it was
Downed trees from
Mt St Helen's eruption

Sunday, November 12

Above the Clouds

Along Spirit Lake Hwy
above the clouds with valley far below
Mt St Helens in the distance