I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, April 30

Chasing Rainbows

Fleeting rainbows
we chased around
Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens

Friday, April 29

The Gift

The Bearded Iris

Photography has given me
that unexpected gift 
of sight
Not just in passing
but stopping
and truly admiring
all things beautiful

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Thursday, April 28


By all the many wonders
Mother Nature offers

Wednesday, April 27

A Tender Touch

Soft and sweet and tender
for a brief moment in time

Tuesday, April 26

Shelter From the Storm

A budding Water Lily
peering out from kinda almost under
at the stormy weather

Monday, April 25

I Heard the Dogwoods Whisper

Come stop a while
admire me
and photograph my beauty
I couldn't refuse

Sunday, April 24

Just Resting

Upon two leaves
a petal rests

Saturday, April 23


Fields abundantly filled 
with intoxicating scent
brilliant color
and dreams to dream

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Friday, April 22

Spring Green

I'm enamored
with nature's bounty
of springtime green

Thursday, April 21

Chasing the Light

 Across hill and dale
and baby leaves

Wednesday, April 20

New Life

Water plants are
sprouting out
at the wetlands

Tuesday, April 19

Monday, April 18

Of Yesterday

Among the fresh new buds
of Spring
a few crisp golden leaves
of yesterday

Sunday, April 17

White as Snow

are bursting into bloom
I love them in
pure white

Saturday, April 16

Broken Fences

Down our short road
that leads to nowhere
is an old pasture
with a worn and tired gate
It sits now unused
as it slowly
fades away

Friday, April 15

To Fly

I look to the sky
and dream to fly
up high
to feel the wind
beneath my wings

Thursday, April 14

In Soft White

Among the bluebells
of blue
there's a scattering 
of white ones
Totally charming

Wednesday, April 13

Delightful Discovery

  Yesterday the Pink Dogwood 
were still in Winter Sleep
Today they Bloomed
into Spring

Tuesday, April 12

Basking in the Sun

Savoring those brief moments
when the sun finds its way through
our thicket of trees

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Monday, April 11

Hues of Blue

softly ringing in
the Spring

Sunday, April 10

Picking Flowers

And having fun
playing with them

Saturday, April 9

Awash in Wildflowers

 An explosion 
of Bluebells
are gracing our woodlands
Color me happy
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Friday, April 8

Shining Bright

Tulips are simply

Thursday, April 7

Dancing Waters

Sunshine playing
on the crystal clear waters
of Coldwater Lake

Wednesday, April 6

Sweet Pussy Willows

Glowing in the sunlight
such a beautiful sight
They always make me smile

Tuesday, April 5

Flight of the Feather

Drifting in a quiet breeze
softly downward 
it came to rest

Monday, April 4

In the Early Morning Mist

A gentle breath of air
tugged at the heavy mist
along the Columbia River

Sunday, April 3

Paddling By to Say Hi

So nice to see the
Canada Geese returning
to the wetlands

Saturday, April 2

Their Secret Place

Where pixies
love to play
then sliding deep into sleep
to dream
of their mellow yellow

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Friday, April 1

Rose Colored Glasses

To see beyond
to dream
fanciful things
of softness and stillness
and the peace
it brings