I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, November 30

Blowing in the Wind

Winds aloft
 playing with the clouds
as they passed over
the Cascade Range

Sunday, November 29

Peaceful Calm and Quiet

Calm to
 quiet the mind
Peaceful to
nourish the soul

Saturday, November 28

Bridge Work

So many bridges have character
detail and design
and a beauty all their own

Friday, November 27

Endless Beauty

We live just beyond the shadow of
Mt St Helens
watching her ever changing moods
loving her endless beauty

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Thursday, November 26

Giving Thanks

I'm quite the hermit
reaching out isn't easy for me
 On this our Thanksgiving Day
I'd like to say
 Thank You 
for your friendships
encouragement and kindnesses
they mean the world to me
Happy Thanksgiving
may we all find and live in peace

Wednesday, November 25

Pale Moon Rising

New growth among the still present devastation
near Mt St Helens

Tuesday, November 24

All Is Calm

A heavy mist
lay on the waters
of the Columbia River
silencing all

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Monday, November 23

Wisps of Wonder

Forever in awe
of nature's
unconditional beauty
purity and mystique

Sunday, November 22

Pretty in Pink

Mt St Helens
and Mt Adams on left
came out to play
in the setting sun

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Saturday, November 21

Lasting Memories

Millions of trees
blown down and scattered
from the 1980 eruption
of Mt St Helens

Friday, November 20

Peeking Through

Mt St Helens
playing hide and seek
with the fog bank below
I love it
when she does this

Thursday, November 19

Crossing the Columbia

Morning fog
Disguising the world
to fit our dreams

Wednesday, November 18

Life Eternal

And still birds sing at first light
while flowers bloom for pure delight
rivers course with endless flow
and day gives way to evenings glow

Tuesday, November 17

Last Light

A young tree
readying for the long winter ahead
in the last tiny bit
of daylight

Monday, November 16

Silent Snow

First snow of season
it was good to feel
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Sunday, November 15

Peace and Love

When sadness and strife
enter our lives
we look for a place of calm where
we can try to make sense of
what we cannot make sense of
But what we do find 
in our hearts is that
 peace and love
do exist  

Through My Lens                                                                                                         

Saturday, November 14

Friday, November 13

Cozy Quarters

Cuddling snugly from the cold
in a small crevice 
of a tree
gotten old

Thursday, November 12

Autumn Joy

Leaves dried and crisp
resting haphazardly 
 on a bench
at the wetlands where we walk
brings me quiet joy

Wednesday, November 11

A Day of Thanks

With much appreciation
to all veterans
and would be veterans
With love to my brother
one of many who never made it home
I miss you dearly

Tuesday, November 10

Heading Home

No matter where
we may roam
it's always good
coming home

Monday, November 9

Golden Glow

Windswept and summer sun bleached
to golden perfection
aglow in the Autumn light

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Sunday, November 8

Sunset Silhouette

As dusk falls 
the sun breaks through 
lighting the western skies

Saturday, November 7

Raindrops Gently Falling

Soft and gentle 
yet best enjoyed
from under an umbrella 

Friday, November 6

Misty Mornings

 There's a certain something
that draws me to
when all is so calm
so quiet
so beautifully surreal
Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens

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Thursday, November 5

Wednesday, November 4

Tuesday, November 3

Rolling Down the River

The ever beautiful
Columbia River Gorge
looking over at Oregon

Monday, November 2

Rushing Waters

Recent heavy rains
gave local streams
purpose again

Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, November 1

Calm Waters

before the storm
Coldwater Lake
Mt St Helens 

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