I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, June 30

Quiet Time..

..to dream
to wonder
and to be
 thankful for

Friday, June 29

Dainty Darlings

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, June 28

Clad in Clouds

I must admit.. I'm enamored with
Mt St Helens
and in awe of nature's healing powers.
Since its eruption in 1980
the mountain has been busy rebuilding its dome
While the once lush forests below
that were totally devastated
slowly return to life.
In a mere 250 years
restorations will be complete..
pointy peak and all.

Wednesday, June 27

Smiling Brightly

Happy little water lilies
  in the summer sun

Tuesday, June 26

Ye Olde Red Barn

Long and low and distressed red..
That catawampus little window 
says it all.

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Monday, June 25

Saturday, June 23

Fashionably Frilly

Happy Weekend
my dear wonderful friends!

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Friday, June 22

No Boundaries

Foxglove grow wild here
and this year
they are everywhere

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Thursday, June 21

Wednesday, June 20


But wonderfully
powerfully potent

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Tuesday, June 19

Barn Storming

I love odd shaped barns.
Though not much of a barn
(it looks like someone stole the bottom half)
this one caught my attention right off.

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Monday, June 18

The Mighty Sequoia

The Sequoia is one of my favorite trees.
 They stand so proud and tall.
We planted two in our backyard
20 years ago.
They are now

Sunday, June 17

A Moment in Time

To all Dads everywhere
Happy Father's Day!

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Saturday, June 16

Spreading a Little Sunshine

Have a beautiful weekend !

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Friday, June 15

Lake Sacajawea

Where do the weeks go
it's Friday already   again
Not complaining though . .
'cause I love Fridays
Happy Friday my friends !

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Thursday, June 14

Quack Time

I am pretty

Oh so pretty

and witty and wise . . .

Oh how I love ducks !
Taken at the wetlands

Wednesday, June 13

Under Cover

I love the smell
of summer rain

Tuesday, June 12

Peculiar Little Barn

No doubt inhabited by little
  Hobbit horses and cows
and wee little chickens 

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Monday, June 11

Don't Fence Me In

They're planning
the great escape

Sunday, June 10

Lazy River

A wonderful spot
to wile away the hours


Saturday, June 9


From industry

To sanctuary

Friday, June 8

Thursday, June 7

Wednesday, June 6

The Pureness of White

There is nothing so fresh
so clean
so pure
as a white rose

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Tuesday, June 5

Still Standing

This poor tired barn
has seen better days
but I love it 
 just as it is

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Monday, June 4

All at Once . . .

. . .the roses are blooming

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Sunday, June 3

Creatures Great and Small

And all
so amazingly

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Saturday, June 2


Have a beautiful weekend 

Friday, June 1