I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, May 31

Bowing Boughs

One of my favorite places
at Seaquest State Park

Wednesday, May 30

Once Lit the Way

   garden art

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Tuesday, May 29

Discoveries Await

Rounded a bend
on a narrow twisty-turny country road
and found this wonderful old barn
with grass growing high
and not a house or soul in sight ~
Discoveries await us 
perhaps around the very next bend

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Monday, May 28

For Barry

For my brother Barry
who lost his life
to the Vietnam War
And for all the many
who gave so much
You will never be forgotten

Sunday, May 27

Immersed in Beauty

Old growth forest
my forever happy place

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Friday, May 25


Lazy day
at Silver Lake

Hope you have a peaceful weekend

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Thursday, May 24

Pastel Petals

in the sunlight

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Wednesday, May 23

Shadow Light

Lighting the way . . .
Once upon a time

Tuesday, May 22

The Beauty of Age

Old barns
speak softly 
of days gone by

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Monday, May 21

Blooming Brightly

These eye catching lovelies
are adding a big
to our serene green forests


Sunday, May 20

In the Thick of Things

How does my garden grow . . .
Over zealously 
Out of control !

Saturday, May 19

Let Dreams Prevail

A forest walk
clears the mind
Setting dreams free

Have a beautiful weekend !

Friday, May 18

Shyly Hiding

Peering out
safely tucked
in a cozy fellowship
of greenery

Thursday, May 17

Wednesday, May 16

Sun Drenched

Bathed in sunlight
pure delight

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Tuesday, May 15

Fashionably Dilapidated

And still going strong
which is what I love to see

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Monday, May 14

Hiking at Coldwater Lake

Over the weekend hubby and I hiked the trail
around Coldwater Lake . . . 
at the base of Mt St Helens 
(We're usually over on that boardwalk)

The trail was a bit narrow in spots
The views were beyond gorgeous

It was a wonderful trek
Even the weather cooperated

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Sunday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day !

To moms everywhere
have a Beautiful Mothers Day ~

Saturday, May 12

Friday, May 11

Total Blissness

Wandering about
I stumbled upon
paradise ~

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Thursday, May 10

Serene Scene

Mt St Helens
from the Wetlands in the valley below

Wednesday, May 9

Rowdy Red Rhodies

Our Rhododendrons
are starting to bloom !

Tuesday, May 8

Peeking Out

The wetlands
are exploding with new life

Monday, May 7

Enchanted Shanty

This adorable little shanty
sits in a far corner
of a field filled with tall grasses
And I'm certain is inhabited
by Wood Sprites
that play in the forest beyond
all the day long ~

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Sunday, May 6

Approaching Storm

And within moments
drenched me

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Saturday, May 5

Swirls and Curls

brought to you
by Mother Nature

Happy Weekend
My dear sweet friends 

Friday, May 4

The Tiniest of Trickles

Deep in the forest
 a small stream flows
With a voice
that rings out loud
bold and proud

Thursday, May 3

Watch That Last Step

Because it doesn't exactly
go anywhere ~

Wednesday, May 2

After the Rain

 After a rain shower
the sun and the raindrops
play ~

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Tuesday, May 1

The Merry Month of May

One of the most beautiful months
of the year
May its beauty 
shine for you