I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year

Years turn
new memories made
wonders abound
Happy New Year
my dear friends

Friday, December 30

Seaside Dreams

And abstract wishes

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Thursday, December 29


the Oregon Coast

Wednesday, December 28

By the Sea

Squalls and gale force winds
filled with the salt of the sea
Winter at the coast
I drink in
with childish delight

Tuesday, December 27

Winter Blues

Hues of blue
color our overcast days
of winter

Monday, December 26

Sunday, December 25

Saturday, December 24

Christmas Joy

To all my dear friends
over all the world
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23

Happy Little Pinecone

They look so cheery
especially this time of year

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Thursday, December 22

The Beautiful Cascades

Suncast shadows
and windswept snow
The Cascade Range

Wednesday, December 21


The hills that tuck us into our little valley
glow in a covering of frost

Tuesday, December 20

Glowing in the Shadows

Hiding in the crevice
of a hollowed out tree
these little cuties
glowed bright
as can be

Monday, December 19

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Reflecting on inner
 sunshine and light

Sunday, December 18


Seasons change so swiftly
flowers fade
days shorten
snow falls
flowers bloom

Saturday, December 17

Rushing Waters

Rapids in 
our little creek

Friday, December 16

Hues of Blue

Clouds cast a wintry blue
over the wetlands

Thursday, December 15

Wednesday, December 14

Peeking Through

And within moments
that little window closed
hiding from view
Mt St Helens

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Tuesday, December 13

Above the Fog

The fog rolled in so fast
Spirit Lake Hwy
became impossible to navigate
but it was a breathtaking sight

Near fog shrouded Mt St Helens

Monday, December 12

Last Light

On these short winter days
the sun hurries so to set
with little time to bid it

Sunday, December 11

On a Far Shore

 A far away shore
 in mind and in dream
 peaceful and serene
 an island
that someday
I will wander

Saturday, December 10

On a Hillside

Up the lane
in a field
on a hill
lives my favorite tree
Through all the seasons change
it beckons me
to walk the lane
to take the time to just be
to simply talk with me

Friday, December 9

Fluffy Feather Fantasies

Snowing on our little hill
staying home
staying warm

Thursday, December 8

Quiet Before the Storm

Snow is predicted
our street rarely gets plowed
such is country living

Tuesday, December 6

Remnants of Autumn

Winter comes calling
chasing autumn away

Monday, December 5

Rainy Days and Mondays

A time to
sit by the fire
and doodle

Sunday, December 4

Trickling Waters

I often wander
to this little waterfall
on a nearby river
to sit and listen
to its peaceful singing sound

Saturday, December 3

Wandering the Dunes

Seagrass and sand
and the Pacific close at hand
a few of my favorite things

Friday, December 2


Along the quiet shores
of Washington State

Thursday, December 1

Sunset Over the Pacific

The land blends
into the twilight
while the sea alights
with vibrant color