I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, February 28


  A single leaf
has a world of stories
it yearns to tell
All we need to do
is listen

Thursday, February 27

Somewhere in Time

When life was simpler
and so much harder

Wednesday, February 26

Sunset at Seaquest

A sunshiny day
makes my heart sing

Tuesday, February 25

Islands in the Sky

Silver Lake
adjacent to the wetlands
where we so often walk
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, February 24

Wind Blown Coastal Forests

Weather beaten
yet holding strong 

Sunday, February 23

Coastal Grunge

It's there more than not
just part of   
Oregon Coast's charm

Saturday, February 22

Keeping it Together

Old pilings
still holding strong

Friday, February 21

Free to Be

to set the mind
to dream 
to explore
to spread our wings
and soar

Thursday, February 20

After the Storm

Small waterfall
tucked in and nearly out of sight
in the most amazing rainforest
on the Olympic Peninsula
( Oh and
it's my birthday )

Wednesday, February 19

Pale Moon Rising

in the deep blue 
sea of night

Tuesday, February 18


Patiently waiting
for Spring

Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, February 17

Something Old .. Something New

Pilings stand like sentinels
of times long past
Where life
begins again
Columbia River

Sunday, February 16

See Feel Create

Photography is an art form
it has a voice
it inspires us
to pause
  to interpret the world
in our own light 

Saturday, February 15

Friday, February 14


to love
to be loved
  is a beautiful thing
Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 13

Dreaming Of Cows

in summer pastures

Wednesday, February 12

Rusty Stuff

I have a passion
for rust

Tuesday, February 11

Rolling In

Engulfing the mountain

Monday, February 10

Open Spaces

in our little corner
of the world

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Sunday, February 9

Saturday, February 8

Friday, February 7

Thursday, February 6

Wednesday, February 5

Light Play

Chasing the light
at low tide
Oregon Coast

Tuesday, February 4

Monday, February 3

Winter Sky

Over Mt St Helens
and the Toutle Valley

Sunday, February 2

I've Taken a Fancy to Fog

Fog intrigues me
With its other-worldly
mystery and spooky charm
it captures the imagination

Saturday, February 1