I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, July 31

Wednesday, July 30

The Old West

In glorious
black and white

Tuesday, July 29


In a small Japanese garden
these reds were quietly 

Monday, July 28

Keeping Cool

On a warm summer day
Great Blue Heron
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, July 27

Saturday, July 26


Set your inner self

Friday, July 25

Rowing Around Silver Lake

Summers are short here
We try to enjoy
each and every day

Thursday, July 24

In an Orderly Fashion

Canada Goslings
following Mom
at Coldwater Lake

Wednesday, July 23

Walking Amongst the Wildflowers

During July and August
the wildflowers
go wild

Tuesday, July 22

River Walk

Lower Columbia River
Some pretties
along the way
and that crazy whirly thingy

Monday, July 21

Swaying in the Summer Breeze

On a sleepy warm
July day
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, July 20

Saturday, July 19

I Can Fly

I can fly
if I try
if I close my eyes
to see the sky

Friday, July 18

Listening to the Whispering Trees

For they are so much wiser
than we

Thursday, July 17


Maybe it has hidden treasures

Wednesday, July 16

Parts and Pieces

Looking for the abstract
in abstract places

Tuesday, July 15

Whirly Swirlies

Playing with flowers
this can get addictive  

Monday, July 14


Along the Columbia River
 I love cloudy days

Sunday, July 13

Saturday, July 12

Crafted by Nature

Eastern flank of crater
 Mt St Helens
Vegetation still struggles to take hold
 in the mountains of ash

Friday, July 11

Butterfly Morning

Sharing with Sweet Shot

Thursday, July 10

Wednesday, July 9

Remains of Yesterday

Once a homestead
now just the fence remains

Tuesday, July 8

Dainty Daisies

 Fields full of daisies
   delectably delightful 

Monday, July 7

Hiking About

I get euphoric
in a beautiful forest
To the right of that cliff
is this waterfall
It was well worth the climb
the misstep
and the bruises
that followed
( but I saved my camera
from destruction )
It was a perfect day

Sunday, July 6

Buds and Blooms

A bloom a day
The beautiful
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Saturday, July 5

Off the Beaten Path

Took a side road
off a side road
off a side road
As I stood there in total bliss
I felt the earth start to shake
Out of the shadows
came great big Porky
To greet us
or eat us
we didn't hang around to find out

Friday, July 4

Watching and Waiting

Washington State
has the greatest number of UFO sightings
in the USA
When they finally land
I'll give them
a poppy

Thursday, July 3

Peaceful Pastures

Discussing the days romping
and eating plans

Wednesday, July 2

Making Tracks

Watching trains roll by
on a warm summer's day