I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, August 31

Reflecting on a Forgotten Past

Of long ago
when factories were
proud to be

Tuesday, August 30

Gracefully Cascading

The Hosta
beautiful simplicity

Monday, August 29

To Fly

I can fly
if I try
if I close my eyes
to see the sky

Sunday, August 28

In the Shadow of Dusk

Last of the light
of a beautiful day

Saturday, August 27

Friday, August 26

Slipping Away

The foxglove's
last few bloom
will be here soon

Thursday, August 25

Clouds in the Crater

Mt St Helens
captured a few clouds
passing by her crater

Wednesday, August 24

Softly Speaking

a little softness
we all could use

Tuesday, August 23


Last years fallen
are still to be found

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Monday, August 22

Sunday, August 21

Softly Swaying

As grasses turn to seed
and shadows lengthen
summer wanes

Saturday, August 20

Of Yesterday

Once upon a time
they served a pasture well
now forgotten
they rust away
into the past

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Friday, August 19

Petals of Sunshine

Bold and bright
with a dash of red

Thursday, August 18

In the Shade So Faintly

Softly swaying
in the warm
summer breeze

Wednesday, August 17

My Happy Place

is anywhere
birds sing at first light
and flowers bloom for pure delight
where rivers course with endless flow
and days give way to evening glow

Tuesday, August 16

The Leaf

the simpler things
in life

Monday, August 15

Fading Beauty

Even as they slowly fade
there is beauty

Sunday, August 14

Sun Seeker

Twisting twirling curling
outward and upward
seeking the sun

Saturday, August 13

Mid Summer Dreams

Bright and light
on these
lazy summer days
too hot to do
yet not to dream

Friday, August 12

Hot August Nights

Filled with
passionately purple

Thursday, August 11

Beautifying Our Little Town

Our tiny town
is being beautified
thanks to our wonderful volunteers
The old jail built in 1907
is surrounded by a fabulous garden
where these lovelies are blooming

Wednesday, August 10

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Dreaming of sunshine
and flowers
on this rainy summer's day

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Tuesday, August 9

A New Day Dawning

Coldwater Lake
so calm and serene
came out from her
cover of fog

Monday, August 8

Wildflower Feathers

Tiny wildflower fluffs
the seeds
of tomorrow

Sunday, August 7

Form and Function

Minimizing overthought
leaning into

Saturday, August 6

Ferocious Beauty

The Tiger Lily
One of the most
dazzling flowers in the garden

Friday, August 5

Life Returning

Wildflowers returning in abundance
to the once desolate volcanic terrain
still covered in ash and pumice
with downed and splintered trees
at Mt St Helens

Thursday, August 4

Sun Lovers

It's brightness
brings brightness
to all who seek it

Wednesday, August 3

Day Dreaming

The air is filled with
the sweet lullaby scents
of summer

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Tuesday, August 2

Monday, August 1


The sight
the scent
the pure beauty
granted to us
but for a brief moment
yet will not fade
 in our memories