I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, July 31


I love the quiet
of the mountains
and the total peace
they bring
Mt St Helens

Tuesday, July 30

Garden Weeds Are Flowers Too

So I applaud the lowly little
   weed - flower
And besides...
  bunnies hafta eat
We've left a patch
just for them!

Monday, July 29

Daisy Daze

Our mountain meadows
 are bursting with
happy little daisies
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, July 28

Saturday, July 27

In the Pines

Here in the Pacific Northwest
we're known for our Douglas Firs
but there's also a nice sprinkling
 of Pines mixed in

Friday, July 26

A Growing Family

I love duckies
they are so cuddly adorable!

Thursday, July 25

Thirst Quenching

Early morning rain
soft and gentle
relieves and refreshes
our flora and fauna friends  

Wednesday, July 24

Tuesday, July 23

Wildflowers and the Mountain

With little snow remaining
Mt St Helens
shows her scars
from the eruption in 1980
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, July 22

Sunday, July 21

Hug a Tree

I think that I
will never see
anything more lovely
than a tree

Saturday, July 20

A Walk in the Park

at beautiful Lake Sacajawea

Friday, July 19

Thursday, July 18

Fairytale Flowers

A tiny little fairy
was just sitting on this
tiny little flower
but alas
she's camera shy

Wednesday, July 17

The Quiet of Shade

A good book
bottled water
and a blanket to sit on
in the quiet coolness of shade
a perfect afternoon

Tuesday, July 16

Sun Lovers

 It's magical powers 
 will turn a frown
upside down
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, July 15

Color Me Happy

Chasing flowers
with my sweetie
on a warm summer day
Nothing could be
more perfect

Sunday, July 14

Foot Loose and Fancy Free

letting little fishies
nibble at my toes

Saturday, July 13

Reaching Maturity

I refuse to grow up!

Friday, July 12

Pastel Petals

sweet is the scent
soft is the feel
of the petals
of the rose
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Thursday, July 11

Shadow Dancing

in the warm gentle breeze

Wednesday, July 10

Tuesday, July 9

Wildflower Afternoon

Mt St Helens
on a gorgeous afternoon
Sharing with Sweet Shot
 Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, July 8

Seeing Green

May your Monday
be merry

Sunday, July 7

Saturday, July 6

Friday, July 5

Going Solo

Hope you have
a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, July 4

Wednesday, July 3

Summer Morning Light

 is so lusciously
soft and shimmery
Sharing with Nancy's Muse

Tuesday, July 2


on a sunny day
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, July 1