I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, January 31

Quiet Before the Storm and a Whirly Swirly Funnel Thingy

Rolling in from the coast
along the Columbia River
And then there's this...
I spotted it a week or so ago
it's still there
just off the shoreline...
Are they draining the river
or perhaps Wonderland is down there

Thursday, January 30

Shades of the Day

Afternoon light
 sweeping across the landscape
Mt St Helens and
Coldwater Lake

Wednesday, January 29

Wave Watching

One of my favorite

Tuesday, January 28

In the Company of Fog

when somewhere in the middle
is often somewhat obscured
Bridge to Puget Island
on the Columbia River

Monday, January 27

Misty Moments

I love the coast
when it's shrouded in mist
 Creating a magical mystical
moment in time

Sunday, January 26

Color Me Green

In the shadows
of hill and dale
 where the sun strains to shine
the trees are all cloaked
in velvety green

Saturday, January 25

Golden Glow

Sunset was dreamy yesterday
a gift we rarely receive in winter

Friday, January 24

Winter Medley

The colors
of winter

Thursday, January 23

Once Upon a Time

 this old train trestle
had purpose 
today it quietly sits
as it slowly fades away
Looking across to the Oregon side
of the Lower Columbia River

Wednesday, January 22

A Gentle Touch

While forests sleep
in the deep of winter
ferns dance

Tuesday, January 21

All is Calm

The hushed sound
of winter
envelops the wetlands
where we walk

Monday, January 20

All Aglow

Mt St Helens Visitor Center
in last light

Sunday, January 19

Duck Haven

Wetlands adjacent to
 the Columbia River
A perfect place
for ducks to play

Saturday, January 18

Shine On

For one short moment
a heavenly light
shimmered through the trees.
Wishing you all
a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 17

Mt St Helens

My favorite mountain
So lovely
even with its peak missing

Thursday, January 16

Places to Go

So many wonders
to see

Wednesday, January 15

End of Day

at Silver Lake

Tuesday, January 14

Rich in Green

lovely and enchanting
drips from our trees
here in the Pacific Northwest

Monday, January 13

Wave Watching

Just to sit and watch
the waves roll in
Near Tillamook
at the 
Oregon Coast

Sunday, January 12

Winter Dreams

On a hill
down the road
perhaps dreaming
of summer

Saturday, January 11

Lone Cone

Quiet solitude
can be realized
even in
a forest dense

Friday, January 10

Quiet Cove

Winter is a wonderful time
to wander lonely beaches
Columbia River

Thursday, January 9


Glistening in a
late afternoon

Wednesday, January 8

Sleeping Beauties

There is nothing more lovely
than a tree

Tuesday, January 7

For a Moment in Time

A drop of rain
clings to existence 

Monday, January 6

Sunday, January 5

River Life

  Through the fog
I could see
  beautiful tenacity

Saturday, January 4


in a lullaby

Friday, January 3

Slate Blue Stillness

That captures and entices
the mind

Thursday, January 2

The Birth of a Lake

The beautiful pristine
Coldwater Lake
created when Mt St Helens erupted
in 1980

Wednesday, January 1