I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, August 31

Friday, August 30

Thursday, August 29

Fading Beauty

Why do sunflowers
hold their beauty
until they are
no more

Wednesday, August 28

Summer Wanes

The tall grasses turn
  to autumn brown

Tuesday, August 27

Loves Gentle Touch

in love
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, August 26

Sunday, August 25

Saturday, August 24

Tired and Worn

but still
holding beauty

Friday, August 23

Thursday, August 22

Rain Dance

Twirling softly
across the waters

Wednesday, August 21

Tuesday, August 20

Fly Like an Eagle

Flying high
Nesting along the Columbia River
A cargo ship heading for port
And then there were two
Flying free
Sharing with Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, August 19

Lazy River

Wandering through
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, August 18

Saturday, August 17

Friday, August 16

Setting Sun

Surrounded by
being of one

Thursday, August 15

Fresh Starts

As each new day
can bring
Sharing with Rurality

Wednesday, August 14


Find time
to do nothing

Tuesday, August 13

Fun With Flowers

Playing with flowers
is proving to be
very relaxing
Sharing with Sweet Shot
and Nancy's Tuesday Muse

Monday, August 12

More Lovelies

more from Nancy's
gorgeous gardens
... I seem to be awful at names
so next photo op I'll jot them down 

Sunday, August 11

Plant Paradise

Discovered a garden of pure delight
created and nurtured by my dear friend Nancy
is actually several gardens
 rolled up into one
and is amazing
I hope to capture these wonderful gardens often
and through all the seasons

Saturday, August 10

Friday, August 9

Wild Things

A sweet soul
named Tommy
gave me a book on wildflowers
I think I oughta read it

Thursday, August 8

Nature Made

Stumps left by the eruption
of Mt St Helens
make wonderful planters

Wednesday, August 7

Lovely Lacy Mystery Flower

Petals as delicate
  as a veil of lace

Tuesday, August 6

Bashful Beauty

Sharing with Sweet Shot

Monday, August 5

Watching the Clouds Float By

A very important job
for a Sunday afternoon

Sunday, August 4

Forests are Forever

for they have many
tales to tell

Saturday, August 3


The beauty of a rose
is unsurpassed

Friday, August 2

Nature Mending

The forests are rebuilding
but scars still remain
from the eruption
of Mt St Helens
This plateau lies directly across
from the caldera

Thursday, August 1

Good-Bye July Hello August

 abundant and in full glorious bloom
aka digitalis purpurea
besides beautiful... it saves lives