I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Wednesday, August 31

Designed by Nature

With autumn just around the corner
the landscape slowly changes.
 Lily pads curling.

Tuesday, August 30

Guardians of the Forest

big and bold...
  and beautiful.

Monday, August 29

May I Have This Dance?

enriches our souls
and fills our hearts
with wide-eyed wonder. 

Sunday, August 28

Soft and Gentle

Filled with hope and light.

Saturday, August 27

The Cycle of Life

Every season Everywhere
there is beauty

Friday, August 26

Play Day Friday

I overexposed, then darkened a bit in Photoshop.
Was trying for a sketch-like image.
It's fun to play!
Happy Friday, my dear friends!

Thursday, August 25

Where Worries Melt Like Summer Snow

Coldwater Lake
 (off-shoot, see more of lake)
with Mt St Helens peeking out.
I truly love this wonderful place!

Wednesday, August 24


Listen to the rustling leaves...
for stories they do tell.

Tuesday, August 23

Light Bright Garden Delight

Gorgeous Nasturtium 
peeking out from here, from there
from everywhere..
Loving it!

Monday, August 22

A Time to Reflect

The forest is lush with greens of every shade.  The height of the summer season.
A perfect time to pause and reflect.

Saturday, August 20

Bowing Graciously

 This is one of my favorite places.
It's deep in the forest
where few wander through.
I hope you
have favorite places too!

Friday, August 19

Play Day

Think I'll make Fridays
Play Day...
A perfect way to kick off the weekend!

Thursday, August 18

Ripe and Ready for a Birdie Feast

These little berries are plump and ready for plucking..
here birdie birdie.

Wednesday, August 17

A Whisper Of Autumn

There's a hint of Autumn in the air...
My favorite season of the year.

Tuesday, August 16


You Me
Hands together
Now and Forever

Monday, August 15

The Forest That Time Forgot

I do believe little elves live here.

Sunday, August 14

Parallel Worlds

For an extra bit of boldness I used my polarizer...
I love when color spills out all over!

Saturday, August 13


Have a wonderful weekend    
 Dream Imagine Explore!

Friday, August 12

In Disarray

Huge cargo ships 
pass by sleepy docks.

Thursday, August 11

The Joy of Sharing

Our neighbor's beautiful flowers
found their way into our yard.

Wednesday, August 10


Once thriving  Now forgotten 
Lower Columbia River
Washington side.

Tuesday, August 9

Of and Gone With Yesterday

yet still holds charm, and beauty.

Monday, August 8

Flowers Everywhere

 Flowers and whatnots happily growing on pilings
along the Columbia River.
A delightful discovery!

Sunday, August 7

Saturday, August 6

Thursday, August 4

Wednesday, August 3

At the Dance

Let your feet dance and your heart sing!

Tuesday, August 2

Monday, August 1