I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, October 31

The Great Escape

Beware of the ghouls goblins and ghosts 
for they've come out to play
on this their favorite
Halloween Day
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30


 Sitting listening
 to the quiet roar
of falls falling
Horsetail Falls
Columbia River Gorge

Thursday, October 29

Autumn Hues

The vibrancy
of light and color
dancing in unison 

Wednesday, October 28

Rolling Along

leading to somewhere
once upon a time

Tuesday, October 27

Stop Look and Listen

The rumble of
 massive power
is sheer magnificence

Monday, October 26

Sculpted by Nature

Art work
only nature can achieve

Sunday, October 25

A Golden Farewell

When the sun touched 
 this little bundle 
giving them a golden glow
it gave me pause
 to be thankful
for a summer filled with their beauty

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Saturday, October 24

The Quiet Beauty of Eastern Washington

Rolling hills
that go on and on
with the Columbia River far below
 Mt Hood to the west
 faintly showing through
with a wee bit of snow

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Friday, October 23

An Autumn Walk

A walk through autumn woods
listening to the sounds 
breathing in the day
is one of life's 
simple pleasures

Thursday, October 22

Below the Falls

The downstream journey 
gently flowing
from far above 

Wednesday, October 21

Cliffs Along the Columbia

Majestic basalt cliffs 
line the Columbia River
just east of the
Columbia River Gorge

Tuesday, October 20

Hung Over

piled high 
or drifting by
Autumn leaves must fall

Monday, October 19

From Forests to Vastness

Just east of the 
Columbia River Gorge
everything changes
except the beauty

Sunday, October 18

Storm Over Stonehenge

Wonderfully stormy day
at Stonehenge 
in Washington State

Saturday, October 17

Light Play

A piece of puffy fluff
that was once 
a lovely wildflower
transcends all boundaries 

Friday, October 16

A Beautiful Day

And a beautiful way
to spend
our 34th Anniversary

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Thursday, October 15

The Dry Side

The east side of the Cascades
has a surprisingly dry climate
Where the west side is much soggier 
making for very different vegetation
I love them both

Wednesday, October 14


In a sea
of tranquility 

Tuesday, October 13

Monday, October 12

Sunday, October 11

Nature Made

I am forever in awe
of the intricate beauty 
and sheer perfection
Mother Nature offers

Saturday, October 10

Mountain Meandering

Bill and I found a new place
to take in the view
We're delighted and amazed
since we so often visit
 Mt St Helens

Friday, October 9

The Sounds of Autumn

Those crackly crunchy  
 crinkly crumbly leaves 
that only Autumn brings

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Thursday, October 8

Beautiful Dreamers

Rustle through the tall grasses
to a shoreline peaceful
and pristine
and dream 

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Wednesday, October 7

Bittersweet Farewell

Though fall is firmly upon us
my heart still dwells
 in summer

Tuesday, October 6

A Feather on the Breath of God

The feather flew
not because of anything in itself
but because the air bore it along
thus am I a feather on the breath of God
September 17, 1179
Hildegarde of Bingen
a most remarkable woman

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Monday, October 5

Into the Abyss

The imagination
is a wonderful place to visit

Sunday, October 4

Abernathy Hollow

This tiny treasure
dear to my heart
is a nearly unknown
really really small state park
A hidden beauty
that begged for a name
so Bill and I christened it
Abernathy Hollow

Saturday, October 3

The Colors of Autumn

Autumn colors are unfolding
 more with each passing day
Umber to gold
 the many blushes of red 
even potent purple

Friday, October 2

Out to Pasture

So many old barns and empty pastures
scattered about the countryside
left to the elements

Thursday, October 1

Sun Catcher

The sunniest of flowers
that charms 
and brings on uncontrollable

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