I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, February 28

Winter Sun

A rare sunny afternoon
made the trees glow red
and our smiles shine bright

Wednesday, February 27

Mountain Drive

I always love seeing
the ever changing vistas
at Coldwater Lake

Tuesday, February 26

Still Standing Proud

Though its hay days
live in the past
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, February 25

Watchful Eyes

High atop the highest tree
he sat

Sunday, February 24

Saturday, February 23

Run Barefoot

I just had another birthday
I'm grateful for another year
which slip by faster and faster
Live every moment
of every day
of every year
Run barefoot
in the rain

Friday, February 22

Fire in the Sky

A most unusual sunset
Sharing with Orange Friday

Thursday, February 21

Softly Swaying

A fresh new Lily Pad
 in the wetland waters
Sharing with Top Shot

Wednesday, February 20


Beauty is
a tree
slumbering through the winter months

Tuesday, February 19

Wannabe Barn

I love little outbuildings
  They often let us sneak a peek
of life
in days gone by
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, February 18

Sunday, February 17


Note to self ...
Always carry a compass !

Saturday, February 16

A Most Serene Scene

Mr and Mrs Mallard
out for an early evening paddle

Friday, February 15

Shrouded Sound

I love the sounds of snow
Like an echo hushed 
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Thursday, February 14

Wednesday, February 13

Shine On

 and then
the sun came out

Tuesday, February 12

Six Degrees of Rust

Rust is a
barn charmer!
Sharing with Barn Charm

Monday, February 11

Sunday, February 10

Low Fog Forming

Fog rolls in
over the wetlands

Saturday, February 9

I Squint a Glimpse of Spring

and dream
of all the beauty
it will bring

Friday, February 8

Softly Glowing

in the afternoon light
Sharing with Orange Friday

Thursday, February 7

A Lake Was Born

Coldwater Lake
born from the eruption
of Mt St Helens
in 1980
Sharing with Top Shot

Wednesday, February 6

Along the Columbia River

the river is long and wide
it can be ravenously wild
or as serene as a baby's bath
Sharing with Watery Wednesday

Monday, February 4

Through the Misty Light

Mt St Helens
peeking through
Sharing with Sweet Shot

Sunday, February 3

Mirror Image

Water so calm
it blended into
  the sky

Saturday, February 2

Between Raindrops

Everyday is a good day
for a stroll through the woods

Friday, February 1

Misty Blue

As far as the eye could see
which was just a wee bit past
the end of my nose