I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Friday, April 30

Thursday, April 29

Sweetly Tucked

Yet still
lighting up the garden

Wednesday, April 28

Sun Spots

Petals on an old bike seat
 aka garden art

Tuesday, April 27

Monday, April 26

Sunday, April 25

Saturday, April 24


My somewhat overgrown
back 40

Friday, April 23

Thursday, April 22

Wednesday, April 21

Purple Dreams

Where Fairies
and Play

Tuesday, April 20


In the tall grasses

Monday, April 19

Touched by the Sun

For one brief moment
it had its moment
in the light

Sunday, April 18

Water World

Life begins again
at the wetlands

Saturday, April 17

Friday, April 16

Thursday, April 15

Forest Light

Where Trillium Flourish

Wednesday, April 14

Tuesday, April 13

Chasing Spring Blossoms

And when the wind blows
it snows
a million tiny petals

Monday, April 12

Sunday, April 11

A Walk in the Hills

Afternoon sunlight
dancing through the trees
warms my soul

Saturday, April 10

Never Too Many Tulips

One of the happiest
sights in Spring

Friday, April 9

Thursday, April 8

Rose Colored Glasses

To sleep
on a petal
To be tucked
in a dream

Wednesday, April 7

Of Yesterday

While chasing Spring
I stumbled upon Autumn

Tuesday, April 6

Pink Purity

There's just something
about pink and blue

Sunday, April 4

Easter Joy

May your day
be joyous
filled with beauty

Saturday, April 3

Friday, April 2

Broken Fences

Forgotten pastures
of long ago

Thursday, April 1

Pieris on My Mind

the wilds
of our yard