I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Tuesday, February 28


Winter fades from memory
then quickly reminds
as it readies itself
for an encore

Monday, February 27

On the Edge of Time

Age old little tree
clinging to the edge
overlooked the ocean
for many a year

Sunday, February 26

Listening to the Wind

In the silence
can be heard
voices of the past

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Saturday, February 25

On a Clear Day

Clear Calm
and Cold
at the Lake

Friday, February 24

Springtime of the Mind

I close my eyes to see
the tender scents
of Spring

Thursday, February 23

Feather Fantasy

Rain turning to showers
turning to rain
Indoor activity time

Wednesday, February 22

Daisy Dreams

Dreams filled with daisies
are dreams
filled with hope

Tuesday, February 21

Color My Sunshine

As clouds gathered
the sun painted the coastline
with vivid color

Monday, February 20

Gentle Waters

Sweet little babbling brook
wandering through seaside cliffs
toward the ocean blue

Sunday, February 19


The beauty and soul
lies in the bones
of every tree

Saturday, February 18

Wisps of Winter

Mother Nature's
minimalist artwork

Friday, February 17

Patiently Awaiting Spring

Along the banks
of the
Columbia River

Thursday, February 16

Shadow Fall

The elusive sun
shining on
Mt St Helens

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Wednesday, February 15

Winter Dreams

Of warmer days
and sunshine
on my face

Tuesday, February 14


I'll sit with the trees
and talk with my brother
of things great and small
of wishes and dreams
of life
Barry was lost to the Vietnam war
over 40 years ago
but he hears my every word
as I hear his

Monday, February 13

Come Fly Away

Wandering an old airstrip
and of days past
when I piloted my own

Sunday, February 12

Misty Wetlands

A heron flies through
the evening mist at the wetlands
Mt St Helens
aglow in the late light

Saturday, February 11

Snow Globe

Night is when the garden gnomes 
awaken from their slumber to
gaze into their blue crystal ball
to tell of fortunes many

Friday, February 10

Snow Covered World

Heavy boughs
laden with snow

Thursday, February 9


 The beautiful Cascades
taken just northeast of
Mt St Helens

Wednesday, February 8

In a Hollow

A gentle hush
fell on the forest
where the trees danced
in the misty light

Tuesday, February 7

In a Soft Light

Evening light varies in mood
and mystery
It takes on the day's colors
and makes them its own

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Monday, February 6

Patina ala Rust

Rust intrigues me
especially when it's covered
with years of intricate
baked on character

Sunday, February 5

On a Clear Day

Once in a while
we get to see the sun
during the long months of winter
And it's a glorious thing
to behold

Saturday, February 4

On a Fog Shrouded Morning

Logging trains once
road these rails
now they are no more
only their ghosts remain

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Friday, February 3

Reflections of Winter

Late afternoon
winter light
can transform
even the ordinary

Thursday, February 2

In the Early Morning Chill

Hints of blue
slowly emerge
in the early light
of day

Wednesday, February 1

Mountain Clouds

Clouds so often conceal
Mt St Helens
Today they parted
( Crater is at left )