I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Monday, October 31


Raindrops on spiderweb
Have a Happy Halloween !

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Sunday, October 30

Misty Light

The forest turned magical
  in the misty light

Saturday, October 29

Friday, October 28

Wednesday, October 26

Tuesday, October 25

Still Waters

  Quiets the mind
 Nourishes the soul 

Monday, October 24

Sunday, October 23

Water Works

Rippling tide pool ~
with a heart !

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Saturday, October 22

Color Me Autumn

Happy Weekend
Dear Friends !

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Friday, October 21

Wind Swept

The sea winds infinitely
shape the landscape. . .
  beautifully !

Thursday, October 20

The Sublime

I never tire
 of its splendor..
I am always in awe.

Wednesday, October 19

By the Old Mill Stream

A quiet afternoon
filled with daydreams.

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Tuesday, October 18

As Far As the Eye Can See

The vastness is
overwhelmingly beautiful.

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Monday, October 17

Sunday, October 16

Our 30th Anniversary

Spending our 30th wedding anniversary at the Oregon Coast...
and having a wonderful time!

Saturday, October 15

Otters in the Wetlands.. I think

Walking the wetlands yesterday we spotted these cute little guys playing away.
First thought they were beavers, as there's lots of them around.
I snapped some really quick pics before they wandered off.
Later we realized they weren't beavers at all which, like.. of course not!
So then they must be otters?  Not totally sure, but that's our best guess.
What do you think.. Otters?

Friday, October 14

Thursday, October 13

Wednesday, October 12

Bridge Over Bear Creek

All access to Mt St Helens became buried under mountains of downed trees, mud, and ash after it erupted in 1980.
This is just one of the many bridges built, but by far the most majestic.

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Tuesday, October 11

Rain Trees

It was a wonderful
rainy day!

Monday, October 10

An Abundance of Berries

Our laurel is heavy with berries
making lots of little birdies
very happy!

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Sunday, October 9

Small Falls

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, October 7

Thursday, October 6


...to walk among trees a millennium young.

Wednesday, October 5

Stormy Weather

Storm clouds over the mountains..
Our rainy season has arrived.
 I love the rain!

Tuesday, October 4

Pod Power

Seed pod overflowing
with very unusual seeds.

I've been playing with texture.. 
having way too much fun!

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Monday, October 3

The Lake Was Calling

We heard the lake quietly calling to us
on this chilly rainy October day
  We heeded the call
and were ever so grateful
 for the beauty it shared with us

Coldwater Lake, near Mt St Helens

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Sunday, October 2

Saturday, October 1

Thistle Poofies

Have a happy weekend, dear friends!