I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Thursday, January 31

Pale Moon Rising

and the sun
yet to go down

Wednesday, January 30

Twilight Time

When day
turns to night
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Tuesday, January 29

Rolling Hills

Wintering-over crops 
with their many shades
of green
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Monday, January 28

Sunday, January 27

Saturday, January 26

Pink Powder Puffs

I love when a day
ends this way

Friday, January 25

Let the Sun Shine In

We go a bit giddy up here
when the clouds part
and the sun comes out to play
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Thursday, January 24

Teardrops From Heaven

  the vastness
of His beauty

Wednesday, January 23

Golden Moments

When the day
turns to night
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Tuesday, January 22

In the Morning Mist

Life goes on as usual
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Monday, January 21

Gracefully Swaying

I love listening to
the gentle soothing sound
of reeds  
rustling in the breeze

Sunday, January 20

Mountain Pass

Where frozen fog reigns

Saturday, January 19

Forever in Awe

Sometimes I forget
what hides behind
our prominently gray skies
and then I remember
Mt St Helens
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Friday, January 18

Days of Gray

My imagination
is on vacation
Somewhere warm
where the sun shines bright
where flowers bloom
all day and into the night
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Thursday, January 17

Winter Medley

Whiling away the day
dreaming of Spring

Wednesday, January 16

On Frozen Pond

A favorite hang-out
for our local ducks and geese
is a bit too frozen over
for their liking

Tuesday, January 15

Double Dating

and for one or two 
I was the entertainment
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Monday, January 14

Falling Waters

and very cold
Sharing with Watery Wednesday

Sunday, January 13

Cast in Shadow

Clouds cast a blue shadow
over the Toutle Valley
Peeking through the clouds
is Mt St Helens

Saturday, January 12

Of Days Gone By

 Little home long forgotten 
I can hear you filled with life
see you filled with love  
if I but imagine

Friday, January 11


The wetlands
frosted over
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Thursday, January 10

Wednesday, January 9

Tuesday, January 8

Neatly Tucked

Hidden amongst the trees
complete with babbling brook 
I felt I was peering
into another world
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Monday, January 7

Quiet Waters

On a Sunday afternoon
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Sunday, January 6

Saturday, January 5

Setting Sun

we're gifted with
a really awesome

Friday, January 4


Dangling from
a spider's web
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Thursday, January 3

Berries for the Birdies

Mother Nature
taking care of her own

Wednesday, January 2

Misty Morning

Walking the wetlands
on a chilly foggy
New Year's Day

Tuesday, January 1

A Surprise Snowfall

It snowed 
New Year's Eve
It rarely snows
here in the lowlands
So it was a nice little
end of year treat.
Happy New Year!