I'm a free spirited aging hippie
who loves talking to flowers, chasing rainbows
and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us
Thanks for taking a peek into my little world

Saturday, March 30

Happy Easter

May your Easter
be filled
 with beauty and joy
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Friday, March 29

Nature's Art Work

Along the rugged shores
of the Columbia River

Thursday, March 28


with sensational sunsets

Wednesday, March 27

The Mighty Cedar

They are gloriously majestic
and at night
when all's asleep
they dance

Tuesday, March 26


and beauty
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Monday, March 25

Under Cover

A lonely Camellia
taking shelter
 from the winds of March

Sunday, March 24

The Long and Winding Road

A wonderful Sunday drive kinda road
Follows a river for some 20 miles
then dead-ends
On the return trip
there's totally different views

Saturday, March 23

A Single Wild Rose

A brave little rose
as winter just keeps
lingering on
Some of the teddys I've made
can be seen on my side bar

Friday, March 22

The Sound of Power

 The incredible sound
of power
as masses of water 
race down a hillside
is mesmerizing
and amazingly tranquil

Thursday, March 21

Quiet Waters

The Kalama River
This spot was so seductively serene
it begged for an afternoon
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Wednesday, March 20

Spring Sightings

A bit of sunshine
on these cold rainy days

Tuesday, March 19


This poor old barn
is falling down
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Monday, March 18


along the Lower Columbia River
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Sunday, March 17


and be free
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Saturday, March 16

Friday, March 15


It doesn't take much
to keep me happy
My hubby
my camera
and the great outdoors
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Thursday, March 14

Wednesday, March 13

Goin' Round the Bend

Making a big wake
in a little pond
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Tuesday, March 12

Beautifully Weary

Still standing strong
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Monday, March 11

Blowing Bubbles

and watching them
fly away
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Sunday, March 10

Water Dance

Kalama River
shimmering in the sunlight

Saturday, March 9

It's Pussy Willow Time

So wonderful to spy
against a clear blue sky
Have a beautiful weekend
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Friday, March 8

Thursday, March 7

Up Up and Away

In dreams I can fly high
 as high as
the deep blue sky

Wednesday, March 6

Tuesday, March 5

Old Barn New Roof

This old barn is falling apart
here and there
but it sports a new roof
even a bit of lawn
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Monday, March 4

Magic Makers

Pixie Dust
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Sunday, March 3

Where My Soul Soars Free

if only for a moment
time stands still
The Oregon Coast

Saturday, March 2


The lake was so still
it's reflection
near perfectly mirroring
 the trees and the sky
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Friday, March 1